Ennui in January

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Cults-Go Outside




You’ve got to love those glockenspiels.

Hurry along summer, hurry along…



Chirpy Balloons & it’s gonna be alright

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Brothertiger – Lovers

That hollow-body feeling when you release a beloved balloon in to the sky. That feeling when you watch the balloon float off, growing ever more a shade of black, into the sky, never to be seen again…

[download song]

But it doesn’t have to be this balloon analogy; it could be any slightly frowny situation – whether it be that mounting stress of days, friend bickering or even the word that governs the name of this song (I admire your capacity). It’s a simple concept: you’re feeling grey/black/blue and this blinding song makes a hearty cheer-up in its 3 minute duration. Just like loads of other songs, but, you know, just saying, here’s another one!

“It’s gonna be alright”


hope you find what you’re looking for (What is ambergris?)

January 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Snowblink – Ambergris [download]


My best friend is currently going out with a girl who he has been crazy about for quite a while. Pretty cool to see them both so happy even if the rest of us are struggling through half promises and nightclub glances with new faces and the girl next door. Happiness for others is a bit cliche and hard to hear about without feeling like an angry prick, so I should probably not go too big time in this aloud thinking. Snowblind catch the mood so nicely, they have had to battle against Warpaint for a spot on my recently played list, but it is too hard not to think about the gorgeous things in life, or lack thereof, when you’ve got glockenspiels, layered picked apart acoustic guitars and Canadian vocals. AND Fire Records (their current label) used to work with a 1000 Mexicans (the band)… non-stop sombrero connections going on right now.


New album out February 15th, HIGHLY recommended.



p.s. Warpaint are amazing.


Little/big thoughts

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Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs

When you hear a voice like this coming out of a 16 year old guy, you know you’re onto something special. Each song resonates with maturity, yet it feels so strangely relatable. Out getting ribs makes me think. You know, when a song gives you such a strong inclination to start thinking about something you almost lose those minutes in time, because, well, you are thinking so much. Maybe about that thing you didn’t do. About that thing you didn’t say. About that thing you wish you’d done. About that thing you’re never going to get back. About that thing you want to do, about that thing that slipped away, about that thing you can’t decide on. About that thing you wish you could do. About that thing you’re no good at. Until suddenly the song ends and you have to put it back on again.


South American Thrills.

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Icarus Himself-Digging Holes

This song really makes me want to dance a tango with a peruvian lady.

Perhaps it’s my disposition towards such spectacular trumpet interventions as at 2:36.



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Infinite Body – Dive


Seagulls on the pond in the park are really excitable. They flutter around the surface, every so often plunging, then swooping off, high! But then back, greeting and swirling around other seagulls they meet. Socialising with the geese even, but that’s a long shot. Then high! Diving off once more. Then it seems that the general feel is drifting away from the hububbling pond and rather to a frantic cloud high above the humming Oak Trees. That’s where they really go for the climactic swoop/swirl/greet – they even make patterns to the human eye. It’s all a disguise for the real important discussions that are going on. For the seagulls are wondering where to go next.

And then I look back at my feet that are planted on the concrete path that runs beneath the place I sit. The lines and angles that explode out of every corner of every structure seem more vivid than before. And the light reflecting off a glancing eye is enough to sustain an erratic speed. Enough to keep me awake on the bus in the mornings, when the sunrise is vitalising.

Infinite Body enhances all part of your mind that does not work mathematically, especially Dive.


Smudged and Scratched.

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Johnny Reb – Crumbs


I wanted to give this song to George to work on, being such a massive fan of The Libertines / The View and the rest of the Landan Tan ramshackle brigade. But now we’ve got the easy comparisons out of the way it’s easier to enjoy the track, The constantly dancing lead guitar gives does give a nod to Carl Barat but also has edges of energy and recklessness that make me want to put on a Dirtbombs vinyl. The saxophone, played by Morrissey member Boz Boorer is is almost too fitting for the mood, bordering on ridiculously Camden and actually this has one of my favourite outros as the humming sax and the double bass raise an eyebrow before someone swears loudly.


This kind of music has not had enough of a spin in the last few years, mainly because there are some terrible bands trying to bring it back. Johnny Reb are not one of these bands, give them a spin.