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in less than 2 weeks HMV will launch the Next Big Thing ‘festival’ in London which goes on for weeks and showcases some seriously ambitious talent. If you’re in London then its certainly a chance to see some of the acts who have no excuse not to be seriously ‘big’ this year. People like Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds who did very well from BBC exposure will be making headline appearances at thier respective shows and will pull the crowds for sure. Local boys, The Cheek have a headline slot and a completely new (and rather wonderful) sound to anyone who last saw them at a house party under the name Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds.

There some nice suprises on the lineups for everyone who wont buy the hype. Anyone who knows the name of this blog will need no more encouragement go and see to Slow Club, but you can also have a night curated by cooler-than-you-know label Bella Union, where you can catch the rather mysterious Lone Wolf as well as Lawrence Arabia. I cant resist the remix darling Miike Snow and utterly 8os Music Go Music on the same bill (indeed I bought my ticket today), but I nearly weakened for the rather more chic offerings from Eliza Doolittle on the 9th.

Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows

Miike Snow vs Vampire Weekend – The Kids Dont Stand A Chance

Eliza Doolittle – Police Car

Its has almost been guaranteed by the powers above that at least one of these acts will be the chart topping titans of a generation, but don’t go for next years bragging rights. Its not about finding this years BIG thing and feeling smug, this is a chance to let what could be your favourite act of this shiny decade get onto your radar and feeling better. So dont wait for next years tidal wave of hype, let your roots spread now.

And watch out for the serious amount of production talent around at the moment. Ellie Goulding remixes have collectvely recieved 1,000,000 views already and Delphic seem to offer more and more outlandish mixes of most of thier tracks. Im pretty sure that the first thing an internet wandering teen would do if you mention La Roux is yell “DUBSTEP”.

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Bibio, Dead Channel and Capgun Coup

January 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

Cautiously fashionable, Bibio‘s sound range is variable…

Hope you like this particular.

To the more dirty and distinguished, we have ‘Dead-Channel‘ – home of various electronica artists around the country.

Hosting the likes of The Caulfield Beats, Kubex and Micoland, this internet-label host a medium sized database of general electronica that can be downloaded on MP3 Format. Well worth a sniff.

The Caulfield Beats – I Get Around pt. i/ii (& feat. Mick Squalor) (for other tracks – click, hear)

Kubex – Lowlight

and finally,

I like to think Capgun Coup are like Los Campesinos! but without the exclamation mark.

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little bit of sugar.

January 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

Laarks- All the Words You Cant Say Right

Laarks are outrageously good to the ears, the drums racket along desperate to play more and every so often another instrument or riff  jumps on board and it all kicks off. There are guitars stamping and sprinting all over the place, the vocals crunch at the loud parts and the feedback occasionally cant contain itself. I cant listen to this song without envisioning the band onstage playing through what feels like chorus after chorus, no better feeeling than being at the perfect gig but this gets close.

order a copy of the album here

Fingathing- Wasting Time

I’m not sure if Wasting Time approaches perfection or if it just suits a mood. It fits well at the end of a week that has been fast paced but unimpressive. Getting hectic for the sake of it. But this song is like a glass of tap water in the ocean of stale Lambrini, there’s a sense of detox to the slowly unravelling bassline which could not be more welcome right now, and which is stuck on repeat. I got pretty lucky that this was uploaded just in time to make this post and to stop me melting down, I found it in San Francisco last Summer on a compilation put together by a Manchester Dj called Aim. Now I’ve looked it up again its completely sorting me out.

Both the Aim compilation and the Fingathing album are now discontinued but its worth a cheeky second hand punt.

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Melbourne Round Midnight and Two Others

January 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

A brain-massagingly minimal track from Deadbeat. Not entirely suitable for impatience. Melbourne recorded it’s hottest night *ever* on the 12th January, thus making this song slightly topical.

Steering very slightly more on to the weathered and melodic track, Four Tet‘s album ‘Everything Ecstatic’ is a real essential ear-opener to those dwindling at the entrance to all things manufactured.

Extremely spontaneous jump to the other side of the stream; them:youth offer an appealing energy and despite having great similarities to other artists such as Flashguns and Goodbooks, their sound is distinctive and far from uninteresting.

I really recommend if you are interested in any of the artists you see on this blog. The option to view ‘Similar Artists’ consequently makes your journey through music discovery potentially endless.


Out and about on the Tube

January 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

So for this post I wanted to look about for some decent music on youtube, keep things colourful.

They Came From Japan – Halo

Love this video. do it. I have no idea how intentional the outrageous lo-fi is but its absolute gold dust. Theres none of the sickly sheen of possible comparisons Tubelord but all the hooks. Its all got all the ridiculousness of every teenage band who just played loud into the recording tape deck but these guys are louder (and “a lot better”) and the tape deck is now a single top of the range video camera. and the song is about Halo. Beyond ridiculous.

snoop around some actual recordings

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story

I first saw this band at a festival 4 years ago. It was raining, and they weren’t moving much, my 16 year old self was not impressed.I like to think the reason this single appeals to me so much more is not just down to the fact that the video has a noticeable amount of sunshine and an abundance of movement. Maybe its the intertwining synths that crumble and buckle beneath the steady, levitating vocals and beat. Or maybe its just that they could flatten Owl City hands with their synths behind their backs. I do love that sunshine though.

preview/buy more stuff here



January 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fascinatingly skilled, Christoffer Berg (aka Hird) takes you through a wonderful journey in this track “Keep You Kimi”. For me, it’s one of  those songs where just everything works; every decision that Berg takes is effortlessly appealing. If you like this song, then you might also be interested in the slightly more ambient Art Bleek or the similarly Scandinavian Nuspirit Helsinki. The latter moving very slightly more towards dub.

On an almost unrelated note, I stumbled across a sound blog named ‘La Tuerie’ which, if nothing else, will confront you with the French Language… (also some convenient free music if you persevere)


The Difficult Second Post.

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Jason Collett‘s solo work is one of the shinier shards of Broken Social Scene. Having put out 4 records in his own name to date he is preparing to drop the 5th, Rat a Tat Tat, this March on Arts and Crafts. Listening to Love Is A Dirty Word you can hear the groove and sincerity of other BSS member Feist and the harmonies and vocal flair are so tight as to be almost reminiscent of a Flight of the Conchords number. it’s good. It’s really good. The generic subject matter and well trodden chord sequences are polished beyond recognition by outrageous turn of phrase (“In the golden age of love’s architecture, Shakespeare was lying drunk in a ditch”) as well as almost decadent instrumentation, who could fail to be seduced by the intermittent simmering guitar chord and jabbering bass line?

No word as to wether Rat a Tat Tat will get a physical release in the UK but get your copy of the Love is a Dirty Word here.

Elsewhere on the web you can now listen the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra,  in its entirety for nothing courtesy of NPR here. For me rather than moving into a new sound they have just gone way deeper into the old one, the singles have even more frantic rhythm and hiccuppy yelping lyrics whereas the mellow numbers have been washed in even more cuddly synths and strings. On some songs this works to an almost sublime level (I Think Ur A Contra being an immediate favourite), but the others just don’t work. Personal tastes aside I expected more than AutoTune and choirs. You can get your copy on the 11th.

Oh and Fyfe Dangerfield, the very excited Guillemots frontman  is releasing his first solo album later this month, free mp3 from his website. Fyfe won me over after a slightly bizarre feature in Q magazine, which went out at least a year ago and tried to document the entire process of songwriting by challenging the Guillemots to write a song about seabirds in 24 hours. I think Q expected something a bit more Chris Martin.


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