Hello everyone/anyone

January 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

So it’s a new year and with it comes the first post on this blog. very exciting.

The Gardner by The Tallest Man On Earth

This song is by a Swedish fellow who works on a very small local label and despite very little publicity he must have the most impressive “pass-it-on” following. I like the idea that all the views on this video are sparked from word of mouth, and if they can take him this far imaging how much he could get from a bigger label. Catch him while he’s still the hidden gem of 2009 and before endearingly heartfelt numbers like these have him on every radio station. There are a couple more videos shot in this series  which are just as settling. [buy]

Panda by Okay

Panda is so exciting. Taken from an album of breakup songs, this song has a loving yet lacking quality that makes you dip in love with the girl, the musician, the relationship. And it does it so simply, the lyrics gaze at sunshine eyes and “something more than something” while the chords glide along more and more unstoppably.  You can get this track for free from Absolutely Kosher as well as a whole playlist of other songs from an extraordinarily eclectic roster http://www.absolutelykosher.com/sampler/



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