South of Conor Oberst

January 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Conor Oberst [of Bright Eyes] is debatably an outstanding musical genius, having written and recorded four albums by the age of 16, the guy clearly has issues and today in 2010, his work as Bright Eyes inspires millions of emotional people. Regardless of whether his musical ability is anything to be sniffed at, his input to the music industry  can’t be denied. Apart from anything else, he built ‘Team Love Records’. TLR charges absolutely nothing for the distribution of it’s music (you can either carry on reading this blog, or head here to sign up in order to download all.)

Amongst other established artists from Team Love, David Dondero is really worth a listen. It’s interesting to see how much Conor is influenced by this guy. Oberst’s ‘distressed’ voice is remarkably similar to that of Dondero, who has been in the music wilderness since 1979.

Take a listen to ‘South of the South’, a melody that amongst other particulars, depicts his love for traveling over various states and cultures.  

South of the South by David Dondero

Even if you did stick around to read the last two paragraphs, it would be strange not to temporarily immerse yourself in the large soup of free alternative indie (or somewhere thereabouts) that is available at Team Love Library.


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  • […] He’s stirring, moving around, making me wish the atlantic ocean wasn’t quite so spacious. Conor Oberst has got a few gigs around California in the next few weeks [starting today] but then that’s probably big news out there. I was thinking how Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes are really not household names in Britain… I’m always keeping an eye out for a trace of the evident gigantic army of happy teenagers and older that resides frequently on the htmls of the WWW singing the greatest and deserved praise for him. Never satisfied I am. There’s an amazing video here of Oberst in his element (from two years ago). The little girl singing along is probably sublime. I love her in a friendly way (that’s @ 11.55). Would love to hear some internation perspectives on Conor as a whole, I think of him as probably the most talented musician and song-writer of this decade. But you probably guessed? […]

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