The Difficult Second Post.

January 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Jason Collett‘s solo work is one of the shinier shards of Broken Social Scene. Having put out 4 records in his own name to date he is preparing to drop the 5th, Rat a Tat Tat, this March on Arts and Crafts. Listening to Love Is A Dirty Word you can hear the groove and sincerity of other BSS member Feist and the harmonies and vocal flair are so tight as to be almost reminiscent of a Flight of the Conchords number. it’s good. It’s really good. The generic subject matter and well trodden chord sequences are polished beyond recognition by outrageous turn of phrase (“In the golden age of love’s architecture, Shakespeare was lying drunk in a ditch”) as well as almost decadent instrumentation, who could fail to be seduced by the intermittent simmering guitar chord and jabbering bass line?

No word as to wether Rat a Tat Tat will get a physical release in the UK but get your copy of the Love is a Dirty Word here.

Elsewhere on the web you can now listen the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra,  in its entirety for nothing courtesy of NPR here. For me rather than moving into a new sound they have just gone way deeper into the old one, the singles have even more frantic rhythm and hiccuppy yelping lyrics whereas the mellow numbers have been washed in even more cuddly synths and strings. On some songs this works to an almost sublime level (I Think Ur A Contra being an immediate favourite), but the others just don’t work. Personal tastes aside I expected more than AutoTune and choirs. You can get your copy on the 11th.

Oh and Fyfe Dangerfield, the very excited Guillemots frontman  is releasing his first solo album later this month, free mp3 from his website. Fyfe won me over after a slightly bizarre feature in Q magazine, which went out at least a year ago and tried to document the entire process of songwriting by challenging the Guillemots to write a song about seabirds in 24 hours. I think Q expected something a bit more Chris Martin.


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