little bit of sugar.

January 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

Laarks- All the Words You Cant Say Right

Laarks are outrageously good to the ears, the drums racket along desperate to play more and every so often another instrument or riff  jumps on board and it all kicks off. There are guitars stamping and sprinting all over the place, the vocals crunch at the loud parts and the feedback occasionally cant contain itself. I cant listen to this song without envisioning the band onstage playing through what feels like chorus after chorus, no better feeeling than being at the perfect gig but this gets close.

order a copy of the album here

Fingathing- Wasting Time

I’m not sure if Wasting Time approaches perfection or if it just suits a mood. It fits well at the end of a week that has been fast paced but unimpressive. Getting hectic for the sake of it. But this song is like a glass of tap water in the ocean of stale Lambrini, there’s a sense of detox to the slowly unravelling bassline which could not be more welcome right now, and which is stuck on repeat. I got pretty lucky that this was uploaded just in time to make this post and to stop me melting down, I found it in San Francisco last Summer on a compilation put together by a Manchester Dj called Aim. Now I’ve looked it up again its completely sorting me out.

Both the Aim compilation and the Fingathing album are now discontinued but its worth a cheeky second hand punt.

thanks for reading this


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