The Gran Turismo Cult

February 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

Nu-Jazz is definitely getting increasingly popular, however probably incapable of doing a “dub”.

Nuspirit Helsinki are a combination of many Scandinavian artists who got together in 1998.

take it further? do so with artists like Micatone, Hird, Art Bleek and others.

too reminiscent of Gran Turismo‘s memorably soothing soundtrack?


I have been likewise enticed by Keaver & Brause (if we’re keeping it relatively ambient).

Moving On

Copy Haho [cawpy hahoe (proudly scottish)] are a recently emerging band from Scotland (despite having been around since late 2004). They are currently getting excited over a breakthrough tour with Los Campesinos! in March, with whom they share an evident bond.  They provide a well-known sound, but undeniably pleasant.

(this intro was made long before Los Campesinos ! even considered putting exclamation marks on You! Me! Dancing! (4 years))

thanks for reading my badly-written, brief and less than informative notes, but I hope nevertheless potentially interesting,



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  • […] Since I mentioned them early February, the band have indeed finished their March European tour with Los Campesinos! and seem to be moving upwards. They’ve announced their decision to release “Wrong Direction” in early October 2010. But until then, I’m sure they’ll be fertilising their website (which has seen a sort of revitalisation since they hit Europe with LC!) and entertaining with what I can imagine, would be some pretty awesome gigs. […]

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