Back on the roof

February 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

So its been too long since I could fill my lungs with the millions of colourful and curious bytes that make up the internet but im back in the game now and this blog needs some furniture.

Since my online blackout I’ve found myself hoarding CDs, a few gambles which did not pay off (Kubb‘s 2005 album which was available in Poundland was quite frankly optimistically priced), but also a bundle of delightful offerrings from RJD2, Beach House, Memory Tapes, and some older records from Richard Hawley and The Black Keys. Delightful stuff. It feels odd to start seeing “2010” on the back of CDs especially when you think about the distinctions we make today between decades gone by. Any of these artists are poised ready to define the decade of music, god knows they’re good enough.

RJD2 – A Son’s Cycle

Beach House – Norway

Memory Tapes- Run Out

And if your looking for the best value music around then plug yourself into this behemoth of boom. Paste Magazine has gone big time in getting help to Haiti. for a donation of at least $10 you can access as much of their collosal vault of music as you want, whenever you want. Its an infinite horizon of music including a load of exclusive stuff (The Decemberists covering Pink Floyd for 15 minutes? boom.) as well as heroes such as Andrew Bird and The Gaslight Anthem. Add some diamonds  from The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Low Anthem and Deer Tick and then anything else from the ever expanding mass of 200+ other artists and you could seriously redecorate an iPod. Anything that does a bit of good in the world and also involves hearing Of Montreal exclaim that “We can do it softcore if you want, you know I take it both ways” is worth your time.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Dont Haunt This Place

So yeah, thats all for now.



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