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February 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Like some sort of indie stereotype who was shamelessly born in 1993, the only reason I found about this guy was through a curiosity to see who was making all the cool noises to accompany Sir Gibbard in The Postal Service

 I personally managed to pump this guy into my head in the summer: It was 4am, and I was walking back through Frinton on my way home, having just slept outside on a hard floor of a beach hut. It seemed like a mildly appropiate situation to be listening to Mr. Tamborello; he’s not just Indie Electronica. On “Everything is Possible” (2001 album), his glitch work on Accordions and acoustic guitars is eerily commendable and utterly original, his collaborations with artists like Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis are reasurringly Postal Service, but it’s so much more distinctive, intelligent and all round more interesting than anything he went on to do with Gibbard. There are some of the most emotional tracks on”Everything is Possible”, which you would think odd seeing as there’s no distressed singer to spell out how you’re feeling. To me that shows his mysteriously natural talent on the MiniKorg and his profound ability with other instruments and other artists. When I tried to play his music in the car, my mother complained panically that it was transferring her into a state of trance, and when I was walking through deserted Frinton before the birds had even woken up, despite being beyond frightened, I was strangely motivated, I was blown away by what this guy can do.

Here’s my favourite:

And the hit that brought upon The Postal Service:

But where I went from Mr. Tamborello, this is where the post becomes productive. There are many many artists that come close to dntel, not quite as original, but still well worth a snootle.

Firstly, Lali Puna. This girl, (backed with a willing band) has made a ton of music. She’s also remixed a ton of music. Slightly more melodic and less glitchy, mum would like this more. Moving more towards the big beacon of indy.

This Phil Oakley cover is in my opinion, amazing:

Maybe also, Apparat. He certainly keeps the music heavy and slightly odd. Boys Noize tellingly did a version of his “Arcadia” – it sounds good:

And thirdly, Styrofoam. Debatably a better glitch artist, styrofoam has progressed more and more towards indietronica since he started in 2000. Another similarity he has with Dntel is that he’s still in the progress of capturing a cult with his collaboration with Ben Gibbard:

Both Apparat and Lali Puna are German.

thanks for reading and maybe watching the space consuming  youtube videos – (my laptop is broken, so no uploads were possible).



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