Stripped down, Shaken out.

February 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

Ra Ra Riot – Too Too Too Fast (Say Hi Remix)

Say Hi completely strip this synthy yelp-along number down to piano chords and lyrics with a dusting of shaker. The super clean vocals are a final plea at the last stand of the relationship. Why does a break-up have to be so clean and clinical? Surely we deserve a bit of a painful scrap for the sake of this time a month ago? Am I the only one getting hurt here? This is too much and far too too too fast.

This song is heartfelt and charged with emotion but its light and nimble, there’s no burdening self-pity. Above all it sounds fantastic.

The Manchester Orchestra – Shake It Out (Acoustic)

I’m a big fan of acoustic versions, particularly when the original song is everything but acoustic. All the energy is coming from the melodies and harmonies. Its coming from the base music, rather than say the production or the pedals. The Manchester Orchestra still retain all the dynamics, impact and  genuine appeal of the amped up mammoth of an original but here they just have each other, 2 guitars and a god damned glockenspiel on the finale. This is the outrageously tasty vegetarian option. Perhaps a risotto of some kind.

[Both these songs are available almost exclusively from Paste Magazine in return for a donation to Haiti]

Darwin Deez – DNA

Im finishing on a bit of a gamble here, I heard about Mr Deez when he turned up on the line-up of a festival I bought a ticket to. After a bit of trawling and a few mailing list sign ups i got a couple of mp3s to listen to. DNA is by far the best of all the stuff of his I have heard, although there are some pretty cool videos of what look like fairly impromptu ramshackle gigs in New York basements on Youtube. The skeleton army hand claps and fizzing snare drums combined with Facebook Chat bump of a bass drum bound all over carefully chosen apple and pear guitars chords and the occasional lead guitar part leaps and parachutes down over the resulting waterfall. This songs makes me wish I could have Synesthesia, if only for 2 minutes and 52 seconds

[To get hold of 2 Darwin Deez mp3s (including this one) just put an e-mail address in here]




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