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March 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Tallest Man On Earth – Burden Of Tomorrow

The latest sneak of The Tallest Man On Earth‘s new big time album is a more delicate charmer of a song than we have heard before, Kristians vocals reach a texture and lightness that I havent picked up in any of his other music. The humility of the lyrics striving to sort things out and pick things up strikes an endearing chord. The chords are simple but hugely expressive.

This song was written to be played by one man for one girl.


Boat Club and The Papertiger Sound

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Categories and names would claim all this to some sort of interestingly strange indietronica. Boat Club are proudly different to any other form of  ‘Club’ that we’d recognise on the surface of popular indie music. As often happens with this band, the beat and bass purposely moves about like Digitalism and the electric guitar skips around it all – rather like a dog running around it’s human on a walk in the fields. The guy’s english accent is second-rate, but I don’t think he really cares…

Boat Club (Sweeds) –  Memories

The Papertiger Sound are an oddity. A rather ernest yet dreamy atmosphere swells in their songs, everything goes, literally everything. Lie-flat-on-the-ground-with-your-face-in-the-green-grass-and-the-night-on-your-back kinda feel. For me that’s not all so positive, but I reckon it could germinate on me.

the papertiger sound (Leodensians) – Under Stars



Planxty of 1980

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St. Patrick’s Day was indeed yesterday, these people are indeed Irish.

This great video of famous Planxty is of pure music and smiles. The facial expression combined with his statement at 10 seconds is unable to be priced.

It’s just so ‘care free’, so unaware of the horrifying music “hype” and the beastly internet that was to come 30 years later. But I don’t like thinking about that, and I think if one is to completely deny the wave of competitive music “lovers” who’ll listen to anything “cool”, then one should stay quiet from afar, observing, and not make statements like these, otherwise the very fact that I posted this great video could be seen as some sort of ‘anti-hype’ jab or as ‘someone going against the flow’, and that’s not what it is at all, it’s just personal opinion.

Let this be the last thing I say on the subject, and let us watch the pleasant loveliness/irishness.



St. Patricks Day… but seriously Bono.

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So St. Patricks Day is upon us and what better day of the year to share the most utterly bizarre footage I have ever seen of Bono.

So just to clarify, Bono approaches the crowd slowly. He then calls out for a young girl and the crowd oblige by offering him a girl and giving thanks. Bono then runs out of sight with the girl.


6 different bands. Just 1 name.

March 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are 6 bands that go by the name of Tall Ships, they are all pretty much awesome (with the possible exception of Tall Ships #4, im not a big appreciator of hardcore).

So without further ado here is the APFOS guide to tall ships. [UPDATE: I have now found a 7th TS they sound like the Foo Fighters]

Tall Ships #1 (from Falmouth)

This is the first TallShips I got hold of thanks to a friends recommendation, the Tubelord touring buddies are some of the more recent soldiers for Big Scary Monster Records. This track (Beanie And Dodger) has to be fantastic live and to be honest there’s not much higher praise than that. [myspace]

Tall Ships #2 (Now Trevor Wilson)

Paolo Nutini / Joanna Newsom / Joss Stone / The Sims Soundtrack.  This Tall Ships seems now to have morphed into a solo project of a fellow called Trevor Wilson who is giving away most of his extensive back catalogue (including the Tall Ships album) for free on BandCamp This track is called Money Money Money and does not deserve to be left for the internet archaeologists in 100 years.

Tall Ships #3 (Explosions In The Sky-esque)

If you are partial to a cheeky bit of epic soundscaping with pianos and staunchy power chords, then get involved with these guys. I don’t think they really exist today but you can still appreciate the songs they left on their website

Tall Ships #4 (“one of the best current bands to come out of Michigan.”)

stream from their myspace

The fourth Tall Ships I have already given a slightly unfair mention. If you look on last.fm you find these guys first (as well as the quote above). They definitely are current… which is more than can be said for the some of the other ‘Ships.

Tall Ships #5 (San Diegans…San Diegoaens?)

I like these guys quite a bit, maybe because they make me think of Anchorman, maybe because im a sucker for post-rock drops like you have at 1:50 on this track (Radio Presets). Actually the more I think about it the more I think about Anchorman.

Tall Ships #6 (Mister Tramp)

I am so unhappy not to be able to offer any of music for #6 because they are the tall ships I have been listening to the most. The best I can do is lead you into their myspace. Not only do I have the least music for #6 but i also have the least  info on them… except that i love them. I think they are now dormant as is their label Mister Tramp (unless they have gone into complete hibernation in order to focus on the only record they seem to have on sale at the moment).

So that was the 6 tall ships.

Oddities I tackled while researching/writing this post:

  • Hearing Huw Stevens open this weeks podcast with TS#1
  • Hearing TS#1 singing along to the words (“scared to think”) I was typing whilst listening to Huw Stevens’ podcast
  • The complete enigma that is Mister Tramp Records. They have literally left absolutely no trace of their existence, I found a paypal link to one of their compilations but it looks a bit dusty. I feel like I am late to an amazing party by 2 years despite still making the 3 hour journey.
  • None of these bands seems to recognise that their seemingly unusual name is being used by 5 others

thnakyou kindly


Some clouds: Seams and Portico Quartet

March 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Here are some artists that other people have told me about and since have become slightly more famous.


Drones and glitches that make your insides sway. A purposeful sunday afternoon with a grin and flowers, we can edge together in almost-harmony. It’s blissful, but without all the silence. (thanks Milly)

Portico Quartet

Absolutely amazing. And there’s more, there’s so much more, have a pootle in the area of new-look youtube, or infact just listen to this:

Starts off so ominous, throwing off any impatient blog-researching music whores. And needless to say, it explodes, but so slowly. “Life Mask” is without doubt one of the best songs I have put on this blog. You can purchase their Album anywhere

Portico Quartet are playing at Bestival, I wish I could go to Bestival actually, the line-up is just fantastic, but I think I’m going to wait until I fit into the intended age-group (few years yet).

This is all thanks to our sister, Holly, who told me about Portico Quartet, and coincidentally went to see them yesterday. To me, it’s still very much ‘Holly’s song’. Wonderful.

thanks alot,


My pills are in that can.

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The Heart Pills – Drivers Side Door

I cant take my ears off this song, but half the time it wont give me the time of day. The other half it looks up and makes eye contact that could silence a room. There are chord changes here that command attention and such focused guitar strumming that seems to consume the 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 year old mindset.  The vocals carry the weight of the world but have it saddled up and in the starting gates ready to go and get shit done. The music does all the talking and, after all, there is a lot to say. It’s really quite refreshing.

You can get one 4 track EP for nothing and another which has 8 songs (including this particular champion) for as little as $1 but come on you are not gonna only pay a dollar for this, you cant buy anything for that.

what ever you do do it here on their BandCamp.

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