To The Window!

March 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

2 fantastic  music videos have been absolutely awesome over the last 2 days.

One is from veterans of the viral world and the other is from a guy who is maybe the closest we have to a veteran of this blog (…) and to boot the actual songs are just as super.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

OK Go are the guys who did the running machine music video for Here It Goes Again. This is really more of the same innovative, witty, no special FX, absolute nail-on-the-head, feel good, endorphin extravaganza. Starting from a domino trail and ending in full blown chaos with the air full of umbrellas, pianos, cars and mannequns.

Personal highlight = the blue guy at about 45 seconds in who is definitely wondering how many more god damned times he is going to have to reallign a huge line of dominos

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

Since dabbling with Mr. Deez I’ve been reaping a fairly steady bout of rewards and this is certainly one. This song was recently given some love by Radio 2 of all people and is very much worthy of praise and attention. The dynamic, detailed and diverse (running out of D’s here) song is perfectly matched up to this video which is a nice step up from some of his earlier vids (which could easily be OK Go video responses). I like the insight into an oddly creative mind and lets be honest, are inverted umbrellas going to solve all the water supply issues across the world? can a plant and a gas mask provide the human race with infinitely more powerful space missions?  probably.

So yeah, very good vids, the OK Go one has pretty much already gone viral in 1 day but you can still be one of the first million views if your quick. You never know, Deez may start pulling in the hits as well… COME ON DARWIN!!!

happy days, adios



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