…Interesting Vocals

March 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’ve definitely been allured by some real freaks in recent times.

Rough Trade recently made The Strange Boys’ most recent creation their Album of the week. A creation called ‘Be Brave’. There’s just something so friendly about this band. The wailing lead vocalist accompanied by his wailing band make quite a jolly mixture. When I listen to this particular track, I have to refrain from jumping up, waving my hands in the air and shrieking “YOU HAVE TO BE BRAVE!!” with a large smile on my face. All the happy wailing and half-shouts combine to sound like the cloud people from one of Don Herzfeldt’s cartoons <- (go 5 minutes in). Buy the album here. I wouldn’t listen to this if you are feeling in a rush. It’s not slow, it’s just that it’s not suitable for people feeling in a rush. The video is suitably scruffy/odd.

I dislike the bit with the chicken head and the cut throat.

How I like this next one, I have no idea. Marcus returned with it from Absolutely Kosher, and it has since had a comfortable and weathered presence on my ipod. Little Teeth are in-fact completely unique. The girl has no preservations, she just shrieks her shockingly weird words to an almost-melody. I think it’s the combination of its pure emotivity and the strange cello/man/guitar that loom in the background that appeal to me. Download something here.

Japanese Candy -Little Teeth

or alternatively watch them live when they supported two artists from Oberst’s Team Love label, Capgun Coup and Tilly and The Wall back in 2008.




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