Some clouds: Seams and Portico Quartet

March 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Here are some artists that other people have told me about and since have become slightly more famous.


Drones and glitches that make your insides sway. A purposeful sunday afternoon with a grin and flowers, we can edge together in almost-harmony. It’s blissful, but without all the silence. (thanks Milly)

Portico Quartet

Absolutely amazing. And there’s more, there’s so much more, have a pootle in the area of new-look youtube, or infact just listen to this:

Starts off so ominous, throwing off any impatient blog-researching music whores. And needless to say, it explodes, but so slowly. “Life Mask” is without doubt one of the best songs I have put on this blog. You can purchase their Album anywhere

Portico Quartet are playing at Bestival, I wish I could go to Bestival actually, the line-up is just fantastic, but I think I’m going to wait until I fit into the intended age-group (few years yet).

This is all thanks to our sister, Holly, who told me about Portico Quartet, and coincidentally went to see them yesterday. To me, it’s still very much ‘Holly’s song’. Wonderful.

thanks alot,



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