Everything is Always

April 6, 2010 § 6 Comments

Lali Puna are a German outfit who keep things simple and get things right. The Album “Our Inventions” is coming out in a few days but you can download it on iTunes or stream the whole thing on SoundCloud, this is the opening track.

Everything Is Always starts with a spine which spreads roots that form the skeleton, the skeleton grows organs and limbs and a face until there is a complete body standing in front of you.  There is no build of rushing energy which comes crashing down in the form of a huge crescendo (partial though I am to this), what we get is human. Complex yet accesible, a bit like a human.

Synthetic in means yet organic in nature.

The xx haven’t actually had a single mention on APFOS yet and this is not right. There is a similar mixing of opposites in thier sound, it’s black and white telly but in HD. Its simple and doesnt dictate a mood (asensual?), thats for you to do. As a continuation in the vein of the post below from G, this remix has only been up about 3hrs and is pretty damn good, theres not too many DnB xx remixes about so it could definitely go big time, we shall see. Maybe its a bit more Drum and Wub but I like it.

its been a big day for the blog, thanks for getting stuck in

marcus x


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