April 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

Fionn Regan

He has all the ingredients you would be noting when planning on baking a wonderfully perfect vibration. He even wears sunglasses in the shade (perhaps I prefer Tallest Man on Earth?). Certainly a man of great glowing talent. He shows his irish routes, but he also shows an appealing hat on his Dylan-like hair.

However, Fionn moved in a slightly more ‘rocky’ direction in February this year, not everyone was a fan of this bold decision: he sort of changed his hair. You can here some of it hear.


Almost one month ago, Stornoway signed to 4A Records, and with it, they announced when they’re releasing their debut album – May 24th. Two weeks ago, they released their debut single – “I saw you blink”. They’ve filled up their Myspace ‘Upcoming Gigs’ with live events running up till 10th September. Last year, they independently achieved recognition from the whole entire scene, including the BBC – they even played on Jools Holland!

Just like Obama, Stornoway are taking the world by storm this 2010.

WatchListenTell have really got their head screwed on the right way. I first blogged their “Carla” by Life In Film on my very first post – that still remains as one of the best songs on this website.

Here is another gem produced by WatchListenTell – “I Saw You Blink” by Stornoway.



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§ 3 Responses to Stornoway

  • teds says:

    loving stornoway on here, i listened to zorbing ages ago, and then started hearing their radio coverage, they will become big.
    also, no doubt in my mind that carla is up there with the best songs on the blog, watchlistentell is quality.
    anyway, hope to see you next week if you are still around?
    teds x

    • @teds
      Yes Teds!

      Yeah I think Stornoway are destined for pretty huge things, we shall see…
      Yep, I’m here till April 18th then I ship out again – be sure to make an arrangement
      hope France’s good

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