Crayons and ferris wheels

April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Her Magic Wand – Mistakes

If you are currently cursing Iceland with what must be one of the most curious complaints for a human i.e. not being able to fly, then I think this song is for you. It has a satisfying, slightly anthemic, choice of riff:chord ratio and a clear but distant drum beat. The lyrics do feel innocuously pop but there is a sense of lost in translation from the French outfit  which seems to perfect  the slight sense of detachment. This pretty little European offering and a few others can be yours courtesy of a a bit of BandCamp japery.

Slow Club – Giving up on Love  (official video)

The third in a recent flurry of Slow Club vids to come from the Moshi Moshi Youtube channel is the official vid for Giving Up On Love and its cool for 2 reasons.

1- because they have charged up the song for its single release with slightly fiercer guitars and more slinky vocals.

2- it has Gareth from The Office going round and around on a ferris wheel before giving up. Aha! Love is a ferris wheel.

And there is a savage looking octopus at the end.




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