Copy Haho with Floating Points

April 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Copy Haho

I should pay more attention to this band to be honest, I mean, he’s standing on a car!

Their album ‘Bred for Skills & Magic’ is great; it runs along at a brisk and agile pace, yet a hastiness that many of us can keep up with. Regrettably on a few occasions you might be able to guess the next turning, the next direction, but for me that’s just comforting; sometimes I don’t feel like being pushed around in spontaneous directions – they’re more curvy than edgy. I quite like Copy Haho (pronounced cawpee hahoe).

Since I mentioned them early February, the band have indeed finished their March European tour with Los Campesinos! and seem to be moving upwards. They’ve announced their decision to release “Wrong Direction” in early October 2010. But until then, I’m sure they’ll be fertilising their website (which has seen a sort of revitalisation since they hit Europe with LC!) and entertaining with what I can imagine, would be some pretty awesome gigs.

-good lyrics too.

Songs off ‘Bred for Skills & Magic’:

Copy Haho – Pulling Push Ups

“get serious or get fucked”

Copy Haho – The Last Dash

Copy Haho – This Retro Decade

Item #2

I like moving briefly and swiftly on to things that are a) completely different b) something that I think are worthy of being titled some of the best music I’ve posted on this site. It’s almost like I don’t want people to hear it despite the fact that I know for definite that there are thousands of people who have likewise fallen in love for this artist and this song – how typical.

Anyway, here it is:

Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie

His name’s Sam Shepherd and he’s very talented on a piano stool.


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