Like a Pleasurable Snoozetime Being Rudely Awakened by an Abused Strobe Light

April 26, 2010 § 2 Comments


They’re Polish. They sometimes sound like a spritlier and more percussion based version of Portico Quartet but also from time to time they hear like an exaggerated beat combined with oddly melded and glitched orchestra, worthy of no-one else but themselves and Proffessor Calculus’ pendulum. I’m not sure how easy it is to break out of the Polish Downtempo scene and into the wild but large surroundings, I’m not even suggesting we help them, but maybe we could just take some deep refreshing breaths and admire their creations from afar.

Printempo – Interruptions Taking Shape

Printempo – Subways are for Sleeping


Emanative is based upon Mr. Nick Woodmansey, a percussionist who appears with a select group of people who play interesting instruments behind him. A lot of eyes twitched in his direction when he mastered a small collab with Ahu from Flying Lotus. Emanative let you drift out easily and efficiently, and that of course serves a large purpose for the motives of this snoozy music.

Emanative ft. Ahu – Turn Your Lights On

But you were probably hoping it’d be more like this:

Flying Lotus – Massage Situation



Initially, I was planning on planting the final bombshell in a rancid dub remix of Bring Me The Horizon by Tek-1, but after having been blown off my chair the first few times, I decided that I didn’t like it. This obviously isn’t the main reason. The main reason as to why I didn’t post a thrashcore-dubstep specimen on this friendly blog was because I discovered (for myself) a Spaniard who I thought was rather interesting.

He’s called MwesLee (well he’s actually called Diego Cobo). This particular song reminds me of my old Yamaha Keyboard that had a wonderful ‘DJ’ voice on it. I used to spend a lot of time just finding the distorted sounds and playing along to some sick backing drum track. Obviously Mr. Cobo sort of makes it sound a bit more effective.

MwesLee – Chandal 500

all’s well


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