I think I *HAVE SHELLFISH* you

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Got Love? Got Shellfish!

I havent been so amused by a songs lyrics as I have by AFM today. Its been an annoying few days for this blogger, it seems the more I go and look for new music that I want to write about on this thing the more I find myself ankle deep in terrible terrible songs and bands. This is annoying because I have just bought new speakers and seeing as I have some big exams to revise for I also have a lot more time I am willing to assign to the task. But anywho, such is this new hobby, let us listen to the song.

Like I say the lyrics are beyond engaging but the vocal tracks are also the business. One of the big things I really appreciate from music are vocals. Vocals that have you wishing your name was in the lyrics so that you could record a little sound bite and have it as an early morning alarm.

But fuck that it sounds so good. I don’t care why, finding music that’s as good as this is enough for any blog.

enjoy, thankyou


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