A Reasonably Sized Post About Tokyo Police Club

April 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

Looking from the insanely huge Beanstalk that they’ve spent so much sweat crawling up.  They sit on their home-made thrones, made with their bare hands and guitars. (Of course, this is just a picture in my human head; I’m not suggesting it should be in everyone’s)

I’m just one of the millions of people who really, really like Tokyo Police Club.

Partly why I appear to be on the brink of slamming the floor with admiration and liveliness is due to the fact TPC announced at some point in the last month (maybe even “just”!) that they’re gonna be releasing a 2nd album. It’s called Champ. Of course, a little enzyme that acted as a little catalyst to my excitement was a few “teasers” that they sort of ‘released’ to the masses (again, at some point in the last month). They’re called ‘Breakneck Speed’ and ‘Wait Up (Boots of Danger)’.

If you hadn’t already heard these songs, please go free and make your own mind up (listen below).

I personally found these songs instantly and entirely infectious. It possesses a little bit of their original spikey freedom that Monks screamed across in their ‘A Lesson in Crime’ but also holds a tasty smell of what made some of Elephant Shell‘s such utter anthems. A little bit more of what they were before however. He’s dropped the Gibbard-language as well (I’m not going to lie, I found it so hard not to agree with Pitchfork’s well articulated criticism of it all on ‘Elephant Shell’) and they seem to have lost the pressure that was pressed down upon their innocent heads (after they smacked the world in the face with an EP that was gobbled upon with perfectly justified over-excitement).

But look! Let’s not read too much into these two lone songs! It’s still possible that this second album could turn out to be worthy of one of The Killers thousand sequel non- albums that followed Hot Fuss.

Unlikely though.

Champ Snippets

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

If we proceed to make this beanstalk indie-related, then we’re left with an even bigger beanstalk that could inhabit hundreds of giants, but let’s take look a bit lower towards the ground, where the wannabes have only just germinated. OH GOD I HAVE FAIRY-TALE LANGUAGE IMPLANTED IN MY BRAIN.

I say germinated, Bombay Bicycle Club just won a huge NME award, they’re hundred times higher than Tokyo Police Club in our humble english land and they’ve transformed themselves into superstars quicker than a series of X Factor. But only so few have ever enjoyed a crazily good video on one the of best music youtube channels on the whole entire world wide web. (That’s the video below)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground

Lion Club also decided to base their band name on the word ‘club’. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though because this song is wild.

Lion Club – Middle of the Night




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