Babe Shadow

May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

I didn’t feel a live gig review was enough to acknowledge Babe Shadow on A Pocket Full Of Seeds.

These sweet jigging vocals that whoop and walk to a somewhat spicy cocktail of picked apart riffs and suitable percussion, a Babe Shadow flavoured soup is a most tasty one. I think of rivers when I listen to Babe Shadow’s songs. I picture a canoe with happy people on it, playing and singing freely on a rhythmic current that’s always moving on, moving through most picturesque and appealing scenery. Every so often, they get all excited and jubilant and then sit back down (on their canoe) to take it all in, to rest assure that we all take it in. It’s music that makes me shuffle about and jiggle, it makes me smile. If this blog was in no way long-winded and purely factual, I would review Babe Shadow with the sentence: “it makes you want to dance and smile”. Probably just leave it at that. Babe Shadow are carelessly lovely.

They released ‘Sea Serpents’ today. Get it off itunes for 3£

Here’s two tracks that appear on it.

Babe Shadow – Heart

Babe Shadow – Sea Serpents

captured with Babe Shadow and The Caulfield Beats by ‘piptelevised’



No thanks I had one earlier…

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Regina – Saanko jäädä yöksi?

free download

Regina has some fairly stiff competition to become the most famous Regina of the music world but they are sturdy contenders. There is something particularly fascinating about this 3-piece Finnish outfit, a genuine blurring of genre. The melodies sound like they would scream out of a 1990s Korg but by having the tinkling arpeggios and thudding bass line put through an upright piano  everything feels more like a frantic reinterpretation of a Lali Puna / Metric collaboration by Bat For Lashes or even Miss Spektor.

Something equally engrossing about the Finnish lyrics, no idea what it means but it gets repeated a few times throughout the song which is gratifying to spot. Ignorance of the lyrics helps the distraction, the voice is purely musical. Instrumental and yet still human,  abstract but still entirely human, alien but still human.


Regina have been a bit quiet of late but thier latest LP, Puutarhatrilogia is due for a US release this Summer



My Desperate Lifting

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At the last post, I left you with a sunny images, positivity and a general glowing loom of life and experiences, this image was brutally smashed to pieces as this tiring week reached an unwelcome climax of activity on Wednesday…

It all got turned upside down yesterday because some diseased being stole 50 euros from my wallet. What kind of curious moron grabs open a leather case which obviously contains largely valuable things and takes all things that is to their taste?! The euro’s completely fucked up anyway – pieces of paper splattered in the remains of Greece and that. But still, some people have somewhat faulty brains – it’s not so much the sum, more the principal of stone-blood stealing that has blown me off track to the ground.

I need picking up, I need to rebuild my positive outlook over people with problems. I need instruments to pile up on eachother, building up to the unmeasurable sky. I need a nice soft cymbal and consistent snare to get me back on my feet and walking steadily. I need to put my composure back together again… I need crowd noises, sweet sweet crowd noises.

Answer =

Iglomat – Dial Wookie


Those days

May 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

When the radiant laughter of our beloved stationary sun gets into my little eyes, I like to take time off and listen to all the folk music I can find on my small musical companion that lives comfortably in my pocket. I like Langhorne Slim‘s song ‘Restless’ – it’s a sweeping melody emphasised with a great vocal that skips on the shoulders of a purposeful steam-engine guitar. Of course I have a great passion for racing across the countryside at 70 mph looking outside a window and seeing all the fields run by my side. In-fact, trains play a somewhat effective catalyst to a positivity that could sweeps and lift us. The endorphins pile up like Jenga pieces so let’s enjoy it while it lasts; for me the tower’s gonna be building up until next Autum, I’ve got time.

Langhorne Slim – Restless

I don’t have anything against Autumn, I just love Summer. Every season brings back thoughts, smells, tastes, sounds and images that pound inside my head reminding me of what I did this time last year. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic in all lone hours of non-activity, hard not to feel nostalgic when you travel places, hear songs, see humans – it’s just hard not to feel nostalgic. So satisfactory. I like Dark Autumn Hours by Frontier Ruckus. The jolly-sad banjo, the shuddering male/female vocals, the fittingly vague lyrics: this song makes me think of that short-lived romance that was brought short by an aeroplane’s departure.

The weather was pretty miserable that day.

Frontier Ruckus – Dark Autumn Hours


Floor it.

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Glitch Mob – Drive It like You Stole It

The problem with 4 days of being pummelled by life changing sunshine is nothing happens, nothing that is unless you have a secret weapon. Glitch Mob is my secret weapon. Let the sweeping synth cascade over savagely bassed up drums, make the phone call, let the credits roll. You did a good job, welcome to the team.

Its probably best to avoid making phone calls if this song makes you talk like this.

Justice Gets You Moving

May 25, 2010 § 6 Comments

Justice are worthy of many buckets filled with praise and good words – they infect multitudes with an urge to move one’s limbs… to do the dance.

Franz Ferdinand are not worthy of praise or even good words – they infect people. Just generally.

Justice, in their own ‘war against terrorble music’ [Pun!], managed to make FF’s ‘The Fallen‘ a lovely, just lovely track.

It’s just so punchy!

This is, by definition, my cup of Absolut Vodka [not tea!] that you down with your eyes scrunched up and a big smile on your excited face. I like to rock the party, or should I say ‘Ppaarrttyy‘.

Download this song and play it to your hyperactive friends.

Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen (Justice Remix)

Then plant this on them – Boys Noize of course need a bucket as well (let me know if I’m pointing out the obvious).

Justice – Phantom II (Boys Noize Remix)

, George

Peggy Sue do Exeter Cavern, utter chaos ensues.

May 23, 2010 § 4 Comments


Possibly the funniest interview I have ever done, and certainly one of the best shows I have seen at The Cavern.


Peggy Sue – Lover Gone (if we ran a song of the month this would be it)

Peggy Sue – Watchman

Peggy Sue – February Snow (DayTrotter session)


Peggy Sue took to the stage at the Cavern on the evening after a particularly strange exam, the sun had been shining and Exeter felt a bit dreamy to say the least. The folk tunes that came from the band were entirely ideal for the day. Clearly well polished after extensive touring for the newly released record the vocal harmonies were spot on and had me weak at the knees to say the least. The 2 girls cruised through an excellent set of old and new material courtesy of guitars, ukuleles, drums and accordions all ably backed by colourful drumming.

After the show I managed to catch the girls for a few questions, ably accompanied by Dan. Here’s what was said/yelled/tried to be talked over.

APFOS: Excellent show, how did it go for you? Is this your first time in Exeter?

Peggy Sue: Yeah it was a good gig, my aunt lives in Exeter so I’ve been here a few times

So your album has just been released and the tour is in full swing, what’s next for Peggy Sue?

Well we are currently in the middle the biggest tour we have done yet and we still have a month and a half left to do. Very exciting news though is that our camper van that we have been staying in for most of the tour so far is being upgraded to a Travelodge which is really good news for us. I feel like band stalkers of today should really start hanging around Travelodges, we are the only thing keeping them in business! The American tour will hopefully have a few buildings for us to stay in, camper vans are a bit intense. Why are there so many seagulls in Exeter?

I don’t really know, but there are a ton of them. What are your favourite bands from your home town Brighton?

Well technically speaking we are not from Brighton, that’s where we formed. There is this fantastic collective from Brighton called The Wilkommen Collective which include people like Leisure Society. Mechanical Bride has the most incredibly beautiful voice you should really listen to her, then there’s a band called Tristram who are really cool as well.

What would you say is the best thing that has happened at one of your gigs?

We did a gig supporting the Maccabees and somehow we had the crowd moshing, which is almost impossible to do with our music so that was pretty cool. It’s always fun when people buy us drinks. whats the most elaborate drink we have ever been bought? it’s usually shots actually but we have a friend who was doing a show in America and she mentioned to the crowd a love for drinking and some guy bought her a bottle of champagne, but that’s a bit weird isn’t it? bit too creepy for me. Actually someone bought me a pineapple in a supermarket which was a first for me and for him I think, but that wasn’t at a gig so it doesn’t count.

No that is definitely ridiculous enough to count. Is there one of you who writes most of the lyrics, are there a few lines that you are most  proud of?

Its pretty much 50/50…

At this point 2 hardcore fans stumble across us and pounce on the girls. What follows is a large of amount of praise of music and clothes (both of which are worthy of praise). Peggy Sue are very modest and grateful for the adoration and all is well.

The interview then takes another blow when 50+ drunk Lacrosse players descend upon us like an absolute hurricane of obscene banter, one member who is a friend of mine catches inebriated sight of us and jumps on me attempting both to passionatly kiss me and hurl abuse at everything. Despite consistent objections he stays and after various attempts at conversational swearing does in fact succeed in asking a question.

Drunk Lacrosse player: What kind of music do you guys play?

Peggy Sue: Folk

Do you play any Nelly? Or Kelly?

Peggy Sue: Are you three brothers?

I, Dan and DLP take great offence to this although concede that perhaps our eyes are similar. Upon realising how bizarre this interview has become I stop the recorder on my phone and listen in.

So that was Peggy Sue. Quality band, pretty funny girls and certainly worth a huge amount of your time.



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