Leaping To Other Places

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Escape to Nowhere

Now that we’ve all escaped from it all, now that we’ve been brought from one ominous place of almost boredom, through the track, and to the shaken state of motivation that it leaves you with. Now, now we can relax, breathe, get up and walk away, walk away with a glowing feeling of satisfaction: I’m in the mood to do something now.

In comparison to previous Seed posts in the ‘George’ category, I would even say in my humble opinion that this leaps ahead of that ‘Vacuum Boogie’ by Floating Points, a song that I labelled one of the best tracks (in my opinion) that I’d put up here.


All that leads me to the next artist: Swindle. I wouldn’t mind if his tracks became a soundtrack to my generally repetitive activity. So uplifting; beamingly active. He enforces that feeling on you where you just want to jump up and start flailing your limbs about in a dance, but unable to because your location is just entirely inappropiate (e.g a tube, a lesson etc.)

Whatever, he’s got a new (sort of new) EP out now and I would be very interested in purchasing it.

Here’s his popular:

Swindle – Air Miles

In recent news, Swindle is playing a gig in 5 days with Joy Orbison and Peverelist, as being artists that I [and many others] can’t get enough of, this Bristol show is shaping into something that should probably be attended. Pity my circumstances are probably the least suitable for this attendance however:

Joy Orbison – Wet Look

Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip

They’re saying this is Swindle’s year (above)

Thankyou and so long,


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