I’ll Be Your Brilliant Friend

May 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’m aware that a few were disappointed that Oberst didn’t break tears on this ‘One Jug, Two Vessels’, I mean, he seemed on the brink in that gigantically appealing emo collection he made about five years ago. In fact, a lot of these tracks seem to revolve and sway around Neva‘s glorious tone: Conor clinging on to anything that doesn’t drown him in inescapable fame?

The album I’m talking about is ‘One Jug, Two Vessels’ by Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova

It’s mellower, less offensive, it doesn’t make your friends cringe when you play it subtly in the background; it was hard to play ‘I’m wide awake, it’s morning‘ in the background subtly, they gave me more than a few weird looks as if to question my head/well-being. A lot of these songs were even re-released by Conor from a previous EP… well more like re-created.

It’s friendly, it plays, it walks on its own without stirring satiable curiosity. This is music performed by great great musicians, it works for me. You?

Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova – I’ll Be Your Friend


This may not be exactly new,  but treasuring songs that we are accustomed to is an important thing to do. Grab on and treasure. Skimming the surface at speed is fun, but plunging in and establishing our depth is crucial to be enthusiastic about music; I like to think the name of our beloved blog is a nice representation of this.

+ Slow Club did in fact just announce a little tour around our baffled and far from united kingdom.

Slow Club – Our Most Brilliant Friends

bye – George

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§ 3 Responses to I’ll Be Your Brilliant Friend

  • abe says:

    so, by your own definition, good music should be generally acceptable to everyone, listener friendly, able to be consumed by the largest mass possible, and not have moments where you cringe?

    you fail good sir

    • @abe
      I had to go back to the post to try and find where an earth you came up with this response. My reply is as following: if you would like to find what I personally think good music should be, I’m sure the blog in its entirety will be of small help.

      But thanks for the feed!

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