Foals Bonding with Cads

May 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

I can’t let these huge albums be publicised casually underneath my nose without a sniffle.

I say that, the glorious perfume of FoalsSpanish Sahara drifted to my senses effortlessly – you just needed to click on something relatively music related/dedicated and you’d be devouring their earned praises.

Spanish Sahara was indeed very good. Personally not being such a fan of the Cassius era, I was no doubt converted to these oxford musicians within minutes of watching a sublime video for that new track. Or maybe it just stirred a satiable curiosity in me for the advancing movements they would take in their newest -just released- album Total Life Forever.

It totally quenched my hunger. Get it here.

Here’s One I like.

Foals -This Orient

And then there’s Male Bonding. I regrettably only heard about this weird-named band because of some enormously good reviews of their performance at Offset Festival last year. I explored further, it didn’t really hit me in the face back when it was 2009, but it’s germinated inside me and I’m now for real a fanatic. They’re playing again at Offset Festival this year, this time they’ve been promoted to main stage on the merits of what sounded like a pretty sterling set at the last!

Their new album comes out tomorrow: I can certainly give you a huge recommendation.

Listen to this wonderful number!

Male Bonding – Year’s Not Long

Lastly and most interesting, I introduce to you The Cads. Ipswichians well eroded by an almost buzzing scene that presides there. It’s not every hour you get yourself beyond excited by a less-than-year-old-band; The Cads are jumping high, and steadily getting higher. You have to head over there, you have to catch them, you have to listen and see it; The Cads light your eyes up and tap your toes on the ground with a rockrockrock that I’m gonna be tagging to our new decade.

I bought their single This Place is Havoc off Itunes, you should too!

Here’s another though.

The Cads – Lanterns

all the best,



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