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So on Saturday I stumbled out of a 3 hour exam and straight onto a train from Exeter to Brighton. 4 hours later, I was in Brighton. I was at Great Escape for the last night of festivities.

First up, Tiffany Page at Volks. Tiffany Page is utterly gorgeous (as was pointed out by one of the more astute members of the audience) and when armed with her voice and a guitar there’s no distraction. But once you get over the image its hard not to be taken in by the sound. Tiffany isn’t just singing, she’s using her voice as an instrument, occasionally there was no need for lyrics a blistering wail or snarl had the crowd more than happy. Enjoy her new single below.

Tiffany Page – Walk Away Slow


Next up, Slow Club. I’m not going to go into how much time I have for Slow Club but they are a huge part of any love I have for music. Needless to say I was excited about thier show in the Unitarian Church for maybe 200 hundred people. Before the show started a scenic route to the loo took me to the green room. Long story short a slightly bemused Charles agreed to an interview after the show. This night has gone spectacularly well so far.

Hurry back to seat slightly incredulous of what has just happened. Next thing I know Slow Club have struck up at the back of the room on a piano with new song I Wanna Live In Paradise and then far too soon they are encoring with Christmas TV. I have never been part of a more captive audience. Everyone was completely paralyzed with reverence. It wasnt until Rebecca asked if anyone wanted to stand up that anyone moved and then for the final refrain of the night we were asked if we would like to sing along, we complied, They could have asked us propose to the person on our left and we would duly have got down on one knee. By the last lines of the set both artist (playing without any amplification) and audience were completely engrossed in the song. Nothing short of extraordinary.

The interview was the least professional thing any band has ever been a part of, I was still a little star struck and asked terrible questions for a few minutes before my words just descended into frantic thankful gibberish. I can confirm that Charles is particularly proud of the lyrics in Summer Shakedown, there should be a new album (the previews of which were very exciting) out early next Spring, there is a band called the Heebie Jeebies from Sheffield who are very good, Rebecca’s idea of paradise would involve a sofa, nice food and Eastenders (for any US readers think of The Hills but more interesting and the acting is better) and that Mackenzie Crook is indeed a fan of Slow Club.

Slow Club – Christmas TV


Sleigh Bells. It was hard not to be excited about a band that was leaving critics dumbfounded everywhere in their wake of noise. From sniffing a demo for Crown On The Ground on Pitchfork and YouTube 4 or 5 months ago it has been hard to keep your eyes off this band, right now they are enjoying widespread critical acclaim of the soon to be released Treats and tickets for thier gigs are selling faster and faster. Sound check is over, lights are flashing, people are buzzing with anticipation.

Bass. T-shirt shredding bass. So much bass that it becomes hard to focus on distant objects.  From this colossal noise comes flying out riffs and bangs that have been waiting tensely to pounce on their ecstatic prey. This is the kind of music that can communicate with dinosaurs. Badass dinosaurs that can see off any extinction bullshit. The music Sleigh Bells make is blunt and brutal. It’s expressive and pure electricity. I have never heard so many people proclaim a band to be “the future” in such a short period of time.

After a pretty funny stage invasion from the photographers section for the finale (Crown On The Ground), I again found myself backstage talking to singer Alexis but was too completely incapacitated by the gig to get anything coherent out. She did tell me that she likes Curtis Mayfield.

Sleigh Bells – Crown On The Ground

So that was my night at Great Escape in Brighton.


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