Work till Play

May 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Ólafur Arnolds – Þú ert sólin

So after an entirely ridiculous few days of gallivanting around I now have the fairly grizzly issue of reading books and writing words so that I can come back to university next year. It’s only when I actually have some self-motivated work to do that I realise how pathetically lazy I am. Bad for exam results, not bad for music.

Through expert procrastination I suck in music relentlessly, telling myself that it’s for the blog which is a constructive thing to invest time in and which will one day pay all the bills that my hard earned 2:1 will inevitably shy away from in how ever many years. Ólafur Arnolds is one such find, the name rang a bell from an old friend’s wise words and when he was mentioned again by a new friend of equal wisdom I started sniffing. This kind of music has such powerful dynamics and emotions but, beautifully, for all it’s energy I struggle to move or even think.

The new album is out and is making people say big things so get involved




Gobble Gobble – Wrinklecarver

OK so while i didn’t exactly finish my essay I did reach the word limit so now I can really drive myself to glorious distraction. Gobble Gobble came to me a while back with some songs so I was already a fan before I even pressed play. The combination of Passion Pit melodies and wriggly MGMT-esque production on Wrinklecarver are very persuasive. This is the kind of music that iPods use to create an army of rebelliously smiley youngsters who have r

ealised that working isn’t a lot of fun and the long term is for later. Kind of dangerous, stay in school kids.

very silly myspace






(george is getting back from some country tomorrow so normal service will soon be resumed)

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