Sweden was very good

May 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

My Reactions and Experiences with ‘Electric President’ for company.

Have you even heard Ben Cooper’s voice? [EP’s lead singer] A little brittle crack that nasally americanizes his songs; my sister hates it – but I love it. Maybe it’s harder for us english people to fall in love with music that accidentally bears a large distinction purely through it’s american accent. I remember in the playground when we were all 9, there would be a sizable brutal confrontation between the Blink 182 lovers and the Blink 182 haters – essentially it would be one side gleefully mocking overly-whiney american accents and the other side passionately reciting all the words to Blink’s then newest single – “Where are you?“. I of course was not involved, I liked The Libertines.

I listened to Electric President‘s self-titled debut album for, let’s say, a majority of last summer. I put it into my head so that it left its markings on the insides of my skull and put my head happy. I didn’t even learn the lyrics to most of the songs, it’s not the sort of music that always comes down to the literal meaning of every single word, it’s not so crude! Musically, the album didn’t explore many different methods or move in any particular directions, it found what it was and pumped it out, bringing every song to gross perfection. I recommend it to any open minds.

So how I was slightly bemused, when I learned Electric President have released a new album – about 3 months ago called Violent Blue. My emotions were oddly mixed – I knew whatever it was going to be, I would be slightly disappointed – I predicted it would be all new and different, bearing little resemblance to what I had fallen in unstoppable love with half a year before. Strangely, I was strangely correct.

After downloading it, I put the album on my ipod, took it to Sweden with me (hence my absence), and I fucking listened to it. I swear, because I wanted to emphasise the aggressive nature in which my listening to this damn album was; I wanted to make sure I gave Ben Cooper every chance he had earned with his previous offerings, wanted to make sure I didn’t abandon him too quickly, too rashly.

I sat on a deck chair outside my friend’s swedish house, it was 4 o clock in the morning, the sun waking up from its 5 hour sleep, I sat with a full ash tray and an empty vessel for company, and I listened to ‘Feathers’ by Electric President.

And truth be truth, the whole situation seemed like a metaphor for a somewhat modest heaven.

Electric President’s new album is great, it’s called Violent Blue.

I give you specimen:

Electric President – Feathers

I was in Sweden, I know!

Here’s some of Sweden:

First Aid Kit – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes Cover)

jj – Ecstacy

bY George

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