My Desperate Lifting

May 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

At the last post, I left you with a sunny images, positivity and a general glowing loom of life and experiences, this image was brutally smashed to pieces as this tiring week reached an unwelcome climax of activity on Wednesday…

It all got turned upside down yesterday because some diseased being stole 50 euros from my wallet. What kind of curious moron grabs open a leather case which obviously contains largely valuable things and takes all things that is to their taste?! The euro’s completely fucked up anyway – pieces of paper splattered in the remains of Greece and that. But still, some people have somewhat faulty brains – it’s not so much the sum, more the principal of stone-blood stealing that has blown me off track to the ground.

I need picking up, I need to rebuild my positive outlook over people with problems. I need instruments to pile up on eachother, building up to the unmeasurable sky. I need a nice soft cymbal and consistent snare to get me back on my feet and walking steadily. I need to put my composure back together again… I need crowd noises, sweet sweet crowd noises.

Answer =

Iglomat – Dial Wookie


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