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May 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Regina – Saanko jäädä yöksi?

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Regina has some fairly stiff competition to become the most famous Regina of the music world but they are sturdy contenders. There is something particularly fascinating about this 3-piece Finnish outfit, a genuine blurring of genre. The melodies sound like they would scream out of a 1990s Korg but by having the tinkling arpeggios and thudding bass line put through an upright piano  everything feels more like a frantic reinterpretation of a Lali Puna / Metric collaboration by Bat For Lashes or even Miss Spektor.

Something equally engrossing about the Finnish lyrics, no idea what it means but it gets repeated a few times throughout the song which is gratifying to spot. Ignorance of the lyrics helps the distraction, the voice is purely musical. Instrumental and yet still human,  abstract but still entirely human, alien but still human.


Regina have been a bit quiet of late but thier latest LP, Puutarhatrilogia is due for a US release this Summer




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