Babe Shadow

May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

I didn’t feel a live gig review was enough to acknowledge Babe Shadow on A Pocket Full Of Seeds.

These sweet jigging vocals that whoop and walk to a somewhat spicy cocktail of picked apart riffs and suitable percussion, a Babe Shadow flavoured soup is a most tasty one. I think of rivers when I listen to Babe Shadow’s songs. I picture a canoe with happy people on it, playing and singing freely on a rhythmic current that’s always moving on, moving through most picturesque and appealing scenery. Every so often, they get all excited and jubilant and then sit back down (on their canoe) to take it all in, to rest assure that we all take it in. It’s music that makes me shuffle about and jiggle, it makes me smile. If this blog was in no way long-winded and purely factual, I would review Babe Shadow with the sentence: “it makes you want to dance and smile”. Probably just leave it at that. Babe Shadow are carelessly lovely.

They released ‘Sea Serpents’ today. Get it off itunes for 3£

Here’s two tracks that appear on it.

Babe Shadow – Heart

Babe Shadow – Sea Serpents

captured with Babe Shadow and The Caulfield Beats by ‘piptelevised’



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