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No Post tonight, you should all be doing something Glastonbury based.


Dusty Crutches

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Dominant Legs- About My Girls

Dominant Legs – Just The Silly Ones

Dominant Legs have a good thing going on. The sunshine guitars, earnest vocals and drop-it-and-dance drums are more than enough to make problems become trivial incidents from yesterday. It’s always good to take a step back from things, not to get too frantic or involved and to let the hectic stuff be hectic somewhere else. It’s even better if you can take a step back from those things across the street into a park… with cigarettes… and crazy busking people (“buskers” is a bit strong) with a bizarre ability to tap dance. Dominant Legs are from San Francisco, you probably already knew that. They have an EP coming out soonish on Lefse Records.

thankyou kindly


As is humanly possible

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Emiliana Torrini – Beggar’s Prayer

The voice is too beautiful a thing. Communication, through words or expression filled vowels; interaction, between performer and audience or between perfect halves of a couple in love. The communication here is the spinal chord of the song, the story and the imagery stand alone, the emotions are exposed but also soothed and resolved. For a voice to do all this and also combine captivating melody is extraordinary and powerful but most of all human. Strikingly human. Beggars Prayer is so totally intimate as to be heart touching.

Follow the link above for her official site, make sure you snoop around the likes of Emilana and a ton of other Icelandic artists here


marcus (again I have no idea where George is)

p.s. Very proud of that banner on the right (courtesy of Videohead) and the rather basic linking that I clumsily attached to it. Almost as much as the subject matter.

Off the charts

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Tubelord – Ratchet

Fresh offerings here from Londoners Tubelord. A slight step up from the jabbering bubbly riffed singles from a couple of years ago but still retaining the fantastic vocal melodies, falsetto harmonies and the impressive variety in the dynamics of the song (so nice to see a SoundCloud that isn’t just a solid grey bar).

And this time they have horns. Horns are always a gamble for me, while they can be delightful in some songs (Fake Empire, Fistful of Love etc.) they can also be very silly and fall way short of the mark that these success stories have set. Here the instrumentation is pretty much spot on, as fat rolling synths iced with delicate glockenspiel ‘ding’s mingle with the aforementioned brassy numbers and the comfort zone guitars join in for the anthem finale.

Get yourself to one of their shows and pick up some free tracks from the upcoming EP while you’re at it.



Love on the Lawn

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David Kitt – Dancing In The Moonlight

About this time 2 years ago I would listen to this song every Sunday at 3pm almost without fail. iPods are an excellent thing when mowing grass for 4 hours solid. The garden was pretty cool and absolutely massive so there was plenty of time to rifle through your Recently Added and you could sing as loud as you wanted. But  I like this song particularly because it made me think about stuff, as well as the delicate and poignant imagery of the lyrics, the story touches on so many things that are irresistible for a 17 year old: The last bus is long gone; He says I’m living in a trance; Dancing on long hot summer nights.

Maybe not food for thought as much as thought in itself being food.

Reappearance of a Spark

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Trees’re stirring, rustling. Sun’s popping in/out. They’re saying happiness is going exponential this summer. Just to let you know that Tokyo Police Club’s album is fully on the surface, ready to be chewed upon. Champ.

Smiles wide.

Tokyo Police Club‘s new Album is perfect. They said it themselves, this album regains all the initial hair they let down with A Lesson In Crime. Every song is littered with wildly baffling lyrics being yelled and whispered, guitar melodies powerfully in unison, and drums letting go loudly and coming in spontaneously.  It’s catchy made distinguished by Monks’ lack of breath and furry vocals, it’s the sort of album where every song could become your summer anthem, the positivity is deafening on most tracks, delicious negativity sorts out the rest.

It’s only out in North America at this point in time.

Here are my favourites that I haven’t already posted in previous times.

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Colour

free mp3

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Food

free mp3


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The really really popular indie acoustic songs (we’re talking anthems like “First Day of My Life“, “Hey There Delilah”, “Neopolitan Dreams” and sweet things just so)  usually posess down to earth and realistic lyrics that manage to keep a distinct ‘indie’ appeal through slightly metaphorical/analogical/poetic language. I hate thinking about songs mathematically. A mathmatical expression is effectively a cliche in the way it generalises many different circumstances and certain numbers to one simple rule of procedure. Our fashionable will to generalise other humans/objects in order to feel superior results in the hollow and unpleasant feeling that everyone hates everyone. I mean ‘hate’ of course in its popular use of not being meant literally.

I hate to digress. 

I was listening to a song which I predicted could have the potential to be played on the radio all over the world. Simply because it affected me just like all those other irresistable (not guilty!) pleasures that those songs bring (I’m talking about the examples at the beginning). The lyrics were silly, but precise, precisely what I felt or was feeling. I could relate to them almost literally, the listener’s reaction of relation is a key prime factor to the appeal of a song. The song was Sea Wolf’s. If we’re talking Sea Wolf-wise, it’s not their best, but if we’re talking ‘potential world superhitting-wise’, it would probably inhabit that category…cosily.  

It’s not sophisticated, but since when was sophistication a variable factor on which we’d draw a graph of a song’s appeal?!

Ohoo dear, I’ve pushed this mathamatical theme too far. It’s probably in an un-readable state.


here’s a great song.

Sea Wolf – The Garden That You Planted

Cubic thinking…

Almost forgot: here’s your free mp3





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