June 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Oh dear, it’s June. This means that all optimistic summer weather expectations will be duly failed damply. Every cloud will have to bare the shameful burden of bad old news as they drift across our skies. I see the cloud’s presence in a Summer sky as a somewhat reluctant one – almost as if to say “sorry, I’m back again, the sun’s just not up to showing her face today”.

I’m being purposely pessimistic I know, we all know special special days are coming for us in the next few months. They’ll probably be sunny.

[Apologies if I am alienating in favour of the Northern Hemisphere]

Maybe a summer ‘playlist’ might be in order, you know, the songs which could vaguely earn the adjective “summery”.

I would put Peter Wolf Crier on this playlist. Having released their debut album with Jagjaguwar about 7 days ago, it’s hard not to say they’re looking like a plastic duck under water; I’m talking about the plastic ducks who are about to take full advantage of upthrust and burst up to the surface creating many a splash and a commotion. It’s guitar and drums with a muffled and scratchy vocal. The melodies are pretty tasty to the ears. It’s not bulky with a sometimes unmanageable weight; I think that may be because a lot of the words are quite hard to recognise, you’re just hit with a sweet sound.. The songs on this album are pretty and pretty refreshing to put on in green grassy sunny places where you’re not giving your mind a serious and meaningful look; you’re just feeling content on the inside and out.

The drummer of this duo plays for another astonishingly good band. The Laarks – blogged by Marcus.

Peter Wolf Crier – Crutch & Cane



James Blake did remixes of Mount Kimbie‘s  music, and he did them pretty well, almost better than the originals. That’s how I personally know about James Blake. He released a new EP with the name CMYK, like two days ago.

I’ve never heard someone weirdly mash up clips of weird RnB figures like I did on this thing. CMYK (the first track itself) takes you away forward to different places no doubt about it, pretty much immediately. It’s the brisk perfection of the whole entire EP, silences dropping everywhere, synths looming in out, wheedling through the fidgety voices and driving various beats ((there’s some sort of wobstep in there amongst other beat species) how exciting). If you’re standing in the right position with your ears open in the right direction when you’re listening to James Blake’s new offering, get ready to be swept off the ground.

I’m going to be watching out for James Blake when I’m watching Wimbledon this year. I’ll be eating strawberries.

James Blake – CMYK

Here’s an example of how I find out about James Blake. No Mount Kimbie remix that I’ve heard has been poor.

Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)



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