Reappearance of a Spark

June 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Trees’re stirring, rustling. Sun’s popping in/out. They’re saying happiness is going exponential this summer. Just to let you know that Tokyo Police Club’s album is fully on the surface, ready to be chewed upon. Champ.

Smiles wide.

Tokyo Police Club‘s new Album is perfect. They said it themselves, this album regains all the initial hair they let down with A Lesson In Crime. Every song is littered with wildly baffling lyrics being yelled and whispered, guitar melodies powerfully in unison, and drums letting go loudly and coming in spontaneously.  It’s catchy made distinguished by Monks’ lack of breath and furry vocals, it’s the sort of album where every song could become your summer anthem, the positivity is deafening on most tracks, delicious negativity sorts out the rest.

It’s only out in North America at this point in time.

Here are my favourites that I haven’t already posted in previous times.

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Colour

free mp3

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Food

free mp3

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