That One Who Disappeared

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Desaparecidos are playing their first show in 8 years tonight.

Let’s not get carried away by the gigantic head that lead sings this band to utter effectiveness, but it’s hard to deny that Conor Oberst doesn’t give this 8-year-extinct-indie-emo-alternative-punk-pop group everything he’s got inside. His vocals punches out the band’s personality and passion, he catches all dynamics correctly, opening up his insides through each breath of air he exhales. Ok, I could say the sound isn’t to my taste, but I could never criticise the evident belief and soul Conor ties on to each song he helps create. He’s a legend as is widely accepted, if you disagree, I would cynically presume it’s just for the sake of it. Cynicism ruins everything…

I could seriously  lose my head in the emotive nature Desaparecidos project it all. The sound is blissfully effective through all punches, drops, breaks and manic screams. It wildly sprints around but still manages to hold spherically together; utterly chaotic motives, but beautifully organised.

As for this show tonight, it’s a political affair.  ‘Concert for Equality’  is featuring amongst others Bright Eyes and Lullaby for the Working Class in order to express distaste towards someone’s contorversial idea of a law.

Desaparecidos – Greater Omaha


Concentrated Daydreaming

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60 Watt Kid – Take The Pain From Your Heart

[download this way]

“Anger will twist, twist you.

Fear will shake, shake you.

I’m going to take the pain out of your chest”

Standing on the edge of the bridge, she let the box slip out from her hands. Photos, ticket stubs, letters, everything. In the still, orange street lights and blank night sky this box was yelling in her face about laughs, arguments, sex and pain. Memories threw themselves at her as they sensed imminent extinction, even with the box succumbing to it’s own weight beneath the water a CD covered in marker pen bobbed up in a final bid for existance.

But she had stepped back from paved side, breathless and ankle deep in a puddle, cold water drenching her shoes and vaguely creeping into her consciousness. She hadn’t hidden, just outpaced the memories. Life might go on.

We’re Elephants & We Love Giraffe

July 30, 2010 § 4 Comments

Aminals by Baths cuts your brain into two pieces and claps them together with a smile. The track features seemingly innocent animal-enthused children, joyously commenting on top of Baths’ magnificently well-made platform of noise and rhythm. It’s hard not to lose focus when you’re listening, your senses glaze over and the happenings of the song slide neatly into your sub-conscience, making all situations fantastically blurry with a buzzing happiness. At that stage, it doesn’t get repetitive. The song hits the point where it becomes more of a glorious happening than a created labour; the moment you stop analysing the song in your head with numbers and formulae, the moment it becomes truly good, and that’s 100% the case with Aminals.

Baths – Aminals


Baths equals Will Wiesenfeld, a Californian musical phenomenon. He’s currently on a gigantic tour of the USA. He released his new album, Cerulean, on 6th July, 2010. Buy it! and here’s his Facebook, you cyber-socials.



Why you listen to sad music when you’re sad

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Tim Showalter of Strand of Oaks is probably the most melancholy musician you could find in the great range of North American music that has some sort of Folk association. (Presuming Bon Iver’s highest position.)

The songs are damned by the guy’s life stories, of which possibly all have unfortunate endings.

There’s a time and a place for these sort of depressing and doleful tunes. And it’s usually a terrible time and a terrible place. Music like this puts a sort of emotional/melancholy emphasis on it; it enhances the emotion yet makes it more bearable to endure. It works the same like a soundtrack to a film: the situation is automatically enhanced by the music. In day-to-day life, when one puts on this kind of  music when one is feeling down/emotional, to put it crudely and still slightly analogically, it makes us feel more like we’re in a film. Many sad situations stem from the feeling of isolation and music like that of Tim Showalter’s creations acts as a great comfort, in the way it accompanies you with an ‘I-know-how-you-feel’ look and in the way it expresses your inner-complicated-thoughts that you didn’t realise could be expressed.

Earlier this year, Strand of Oaks released his second album – Pope Killdragon. It’s less autobiographical and a bit more zaney (i.e more instruments and ideas). This isn’t to say his mood has particularly changed, it’s still gloriously and satisfyingly sad !

Leave Ruin #1 hit:

Strand of Oaks – End in Flames

Pope Killdragon #1 hit:

Strand of Oaks – Bonfire

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LeeFest 2010

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If any of you caught the last post on King Charles then listen up, because you need to find a pen and a diary of some kind and make careful note that you should be in London on the 14th August for LeeFest.

I found myself marvelling at the lineup for this years festival after perusing through the recent activity of They Came From Japan. With headliners The Futureheads being held aloft by the likes of Does It Offend You Yeah?, The King Blues, Jonny Foreigner and of course King Charles as well as a dance arena which will be playing host to Jakwob, Star Smith, and Loose Cannons you CANNOT do better for £25.

Throw in that this all grew up from a guy (Lee) who threw together some live music in his back garden 4 years ago as well as the fact that this is all for charity, they have a beach, you can camp, and there’s only 1500 tickets and it is shaping up to be the festival of the year for us here at APFOS, last year it won the equally impressive award for Best Grass Roots Festival.

Seriously though, come to LeeFest this year

The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love

They Came From Japan – The Great Helper [download]

This is Lee, say thankyou.

Now we know, he’s a king, he’s a champion.

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King Charles – Love Lust

OK so that’s enough melancholy posts from me about songs with sleepy chords and drowsy beauty. Wake up and get dressed Marcus! King Charles have beaten me to it, with a piano line that I could see myself playing and which form biceps carrying the rest of the music triumphantly. I love the skittering sleek drum tapping that comes in at 0:45, perfectly suited to the lyrics and vocals which sound almost matter-of-fact in their cast iron harmonies and delightful turn of phrase. And if all this wasn’t enough, King Charles give the final third of the song to make them stand out from the thousands of other bands who have the right ingredients on their hands. The production gets more intense, the arrangements fill with energy then overflow until everyone is ankle deep and drenched.

seriously excellent music.


[fantastic myspace]



Dam Nations

July 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

‘Rebong’ is such a suitable name for this track. It’s by Dam Mantle [Tom Marshallsay], who’s glaswegian and relatively unknown. I say ‘unknown’, Dam Mantle is playing a load of festivals this summer and he’s going all over the shop (even Poland).

Dam Mantle – Rebong

Bong twice? Yeah. Jerkin’ up and down and moving mechanically, Tom Marshallsay’s percussion makes perfect patterns behind glitching harp arpeggios and a spritely feeling bass. Spritely like me when I hear this track. I like it because it has chemistry. Electronica music sounds bullshit when it’s put together in “that sounds good” parts; Rebong feels natural and at ease with everything… Then there’s the number called ‘Grey’. Despite the name, this track is pretty intense. Half the song lays great importance on the beat and the beat is fairly dangerous-sounding. You comfortably confront ASBO synths, they mush together into structure, before unleashing into craziness and far from crude situations. People hear Gameboy noises and think ‘taccy immature shit’, you don’t think that here, instead you prepare great journeys onto the floor of dance and you jump about, revelling in the lunging lurching rhythm. Don’t trip over your feet though.

Dam Mantle – Grey


This live performance looks delightful – head myspace for the Upcoming Shows


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