Summer Mixtapes!! (you’re damn right we are a day late)

July 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

So here we are with the long awaited Summer Seeds Mixtapes feature

This is Marcus and here are my first 2 songs to open up,  sustain and, in years to come, harken back to your summer activities. At least that’s how they are fitting in to mine.

The Powder Kegs – Mariposa

The Powder Kegs are gorgeously and soothingly spot on. Through mingling melodies, gently commanding vocals and effortlessly tight instrumentation I can’t help but be hypnotised and then next thing you know the absent minded guitar/shaker/crooning has stretched and sprawled into a fanfare led, sun worshipping bonanza. Magic. With lyrics that are romantic and ridiculous (let us not that this man is singing in Spanish to a butterfly) there are dollops of the indescribable and wonderful which is hard to imitate and an absolute treat.

Check out their myspace for a link to the ‘name-your-price’ EP called The Empty Side. Its very good

Dominant Legs – Young At Love And Life

Dominant Legs make music that is more summer-dunked than most things you come across but there’s none of the cliche which I am desperately swerving to avoid in these few sentances. Short, very pretty and, yet again, very romantic. I love the self acknowledged naivety in this song which seems to be something that other bands would try and imply with a hugely assumed sense of unassumingness. The rhythm of the guitars feel so human and friendly and the synth refrain is so chipper it’s almost outrageous. There is nothing here that grates or challenges any perceptions which can be a bad thing I guess but when the music is this good I could not care less.

So there you go, It’s George’s turn tomorrow to kick his mix off, bookmark us and check back… or else less people will visit our blog and we would hate that.



§ 3 Responses to Summer Mixtapes!! (you’re damn right we are a day late)

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