3rd Summer Mixtape thrashing

July 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Delorean – Stay Close

Stay Close is hilariously good, we’re talking convertible car good, kissing on the beach good, impromptu jam good. It completely dominates it’s way into any mix that even hints at Summer months, but despite all this Vitamin D fuelled hyping I don’t feel like this a song that gets along by ticking all the boxes and perfecting gimmicky flashes-in-the-pan. My favourite thing about this song is the balance between being loveable and catchy but without being superficial and stupid. Serious Fun.

Melodica, Melody and Me – Ode To A Mountain

I have mentioned these guys before and was so mesmerised it was inevitable that they would singe the summer this year, resistance would be futile. Ode To a Mountain has the element of the whimsical about it as a traveller begins a journey and basslines wander along side with guitars and melodicas jumping up at their heels, the slightly trance like vocals sway between my ears as if they were another instrument. As with all Melodica, Melody and Me tracks there is a real atmosphere created from the music which probably comes from the fact that I recently saw a video of them playing in a completely packed and silent Manchester student house and which is the ultimate trump card for anyone.

So the mixtapes are in full swing, it’s definitely good to get some focus back into our writing, recently it has been to easy to wander off and let things get a bit free form. If you want to keep up with both the mixtapes running at the moment then, I advise that you do so.




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