Summer Seeds Mixtape #2

July 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Oh how exciting.

I’m George, I’m following up my elder brother’s introduction with my own summer opener to what should be an extremely handy and hopefully sunny selection of songs.

The XX – Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Remix)

I make pictures in my head of a particularly sandy half snooze. This song is playing from some shoddy little ipod speakers that some friend had cleverly brought with him to our sunset gathering. Half-awake, half- cut, I could imagine Mount Kimbie‘s spaced-out interpretation of an already Basic spaced-out XX number seeping into my conscience, making bridges between my daze and wake. 

The original Basic Space seemingly bared a purpose, at least that’s what I thought the walking on rhythmic beat was trying to say. Mount Kimbie drops in smoothly like he does and starts to cynically question that purpose, oh so very sneakily. Romy and Oliver’s sweetest singing is suddenly surrounded by Kimbie’s click-clack whirring wublickin’ beat which might as well be dangerously whispering in your face, boldly but quietly questioning the amount of substances you felt were necessary to take you up to the setting sun. For me, this could be the most suitable snooze song for sun-setting situations.

You heard the word “wublicking” here first.

Andrew Bird – Imitosis (Four Tet Remix)

It’s an old one, but there are some summery songs that just stay firmly on your seasonly themed playlist year-in-year-out and the splashes they make are always pleasantly suitably refreshing. Andrew Bird is of course wonderful. His dazed-dreamy lyrics fit perfectly on to all the greatest chemically bonded instruments that could possibly work together, Bird reminds me (as Armchair Apocrypha‘s album art might possibly suggest, as well as his surname) a very gracious and wise owl, who’s song is harmlessly beautiful. Four Tet adds his own spice to this particular ‘Imitosis’ with those distortedly driving drums that he so often ‘sploits on his own contaminatingly cosy tracks.

Summer Seeds Mixtape Directory

Entry #1

If you like what you’re seeing – I’d advise you stick with us through our summer mixtape trek, you could be in for a worthwhile surprise.

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I’m out for now,



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