Summer seeds #4. Milky Way Shotgun.

July 4, 2010 § 3 Comments

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Thankyou to the glorious Et Musique Pour Tous for this zebra striped winner. Time for me to get a bit more electricky in this mix, this particular number has got more shine and click than a pair of multi-coloured RayBans but it balances with an element of the organic which is hard to place, maybe its the vocals or just the kinda human dynamic to the music with irresistible drops and riffs. As if the Raybans are being worn by a seriously hot girl. Hot like tennis girl on the post below. Whenever I ramble on about the balance between organic and synthetic sounds I always think of a thing  I once read on PingMag via another blog called 24hr tourguide. Both now sadly off the books but still worth a little snoop.

Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo

Teen Dream is my album of the year so far by yards and this is just about the best track on it. Heartbeat kick drums, guitars loops that bounce on toes, and a rush of strings that accelerate in 5th gear slowly but knee weakeningly powerful. 10 Mile Stereo is a great name for this vast expanse of open plan music, everything feels so free, skipping and pulsing but not really near the slightly overblown epics that you might get with the likes of Arcade Fire or other anthemic indie kings (partial though I am to such offerings). Nevertheless it’s easy to imagine this soundtracking an advert for the next awesome David Attenborough show as some rare bird bursts out from below the surface of some lake surface or millions of extraordinary animals gallop collectively and inexplicably across pristine deserts. Something big time like that.

§ 3 Responses to Summer seeds #4. Milky Way Shotgun.

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