Summer Seeds #5 // Re-Germination?

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Throwing Snow – Un Vingt

I’m taking out all the dying stuff from my head and setting them on fire with Throwing Snow. No really, for me, this sticky track has revitalisation glitched all over it, revitalising just like a Summer usually is. Gonna be honest, we got sent this song (from 2) on the email from some hard-workingly hopeful promoters, I heard it about 2 hours ago for the first time. It’s made it to my [what now seems quite a shambolic] plan of Summer Seeds songs pretty immediately. What tip-toes out for me so appealingly… It’s the organ-esque synth’s reaction to the bombardment of a break-beating percussion that consistently lags. Lags so as to make all rigid feelings slightly off-centre. Of course it makes pretty neat transitions to brief glimpses of regularity and rhythms that you can move your head to. The easy rhythmic situations to the head bring my mental assertion to a sweet point before lurching agile to the uneven ground where all thoughts can be buried and re-grown. I plan on re-growing slightly this summer.

Electric President – Eat Shit and Die

It’s hard to carve in stone the fact that everyone always knows what Ben Cooper’s trying to say in his Electric President songs.

We sat on the edge of the world and tossed things off
Said nothing and had no need to
Our bloody handprints smeared the refuge
And I don’t think I knew at the time
That I’d be gone before I knew your name
But it didn’t matter much in the end
’cause it all burned down

Please tell if you also could worryingly relate to this.

As like most other President songs, I love the make-up which stands beneath this track. Cooper’s nose. Cooper’s nose exhales over sometimes charging, sometimes metronomic  drums. The straight & easy bass in Eat Shit and Die slots well underneath all the soundscapes that Cooper draws out so very well. Despite the negative appearance of the words posted, Electric President portray them in a great gleaming light of friendly mouth shapes and welcomingly wide hope. Despite the name that doesn’t suggest anything except tasteless hatred, the track sketches out a defiant back-drop on which such strong words would seem at home. I find the very appearance of an emotionally radiating white star in the sky a small word of defiance that suggests the coming of new chapters and the closing of old.

This post is, of course, showcasing songs that will appear on the hugely exciting Summer Seed Mixtapes. Click here to navigate yourself to the mixtapes’ homepage!


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