zIxth zUmmer zEedz. the snooze edition

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Breaks Co-op – Such The Spot

No holding back now, your laptop speakers wont know where to start turning this sunshine into music. We have the whole package here, retro vocals, soul loaded saxophone, swish percussion and what sounds like the Marimba setting on the keyboards you had when you were a 10 year old determined to think outside the box. Zane Lowe‘s old band from ’97 offering perfect outro music, both winding up and winding down the proceedings. When the weather is too hot for sleeping this is almost as good.

Lie back. Think. Don’t think. Find the middle ground. Wake up.

Sleeping States – The Sleeping States (Who Has Been Rocking My Dreamboat?)

If Breaks Co-op made the perfect outro for the day then I guess Sleeping States is a midnight feast. But more reserved than a feast, maybe a banquet, something with a greater sense of occasion and magnitude, something to look forward to days in advance. This captures the sense and pure comfort of falling asleep, consciously dreaming and just watching the most bizarre ideas and thoughts unfurl in front of your eyes aware of some of what’s happening but not of of how you are moving from one world of happening to another one. Faintly vocal melodies stretch and draw into the sustenance provided by the hammock.

The name’s a bit of a giveaway

Thats pretty much the halfway point of the Summer feature, i’m starting to run out of sun based synonyms




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