Summer Seeds Seven: Weird & Strange

July 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Shoulder muscles are, in my opinion, used unnecessarily often during every day life. Tensed up all day about something or other, squermy shrugs and cringy curl-ups, hunched up underneath some sort of pressure. A sign of a good gig can often be seen in a large crowd of relaxed shoulders, a large buzz of flailing limbs that are allowed to escape all conscious signals of the brain. You know it’s good music if your limbs and shoulders start to obey the band rather than your brain. The Strange Boys, of whose name is delightfully strange, have a very distinguished and care-free sound. So much so, that you would feel distinctly conscious of your self, were you to feel self-conscious whilst listening to the noise they make. I have a great list of bands I want to see in my youth, Strange Boys are amongst them.

This particular, as I must have mentioned before, is lead out by a wailing boy and ringing guitars. Every so often you might comprehend some of the lyrics – they’re words that fit perfectly to the Strange genre.

You know it’s a good summer if your shoulders are more relaxed.

The Strange Boys – Woe is You and Me


Male Bonding – Weird Feelings

Moving on to Male Bonding now will probably start raising questions as to particular homosexual band name fetishes… But I assure you this is but a mere coincidence.

This song is wild and to the point. It’s rock music in the posession of a big spikey dragon tail. To the point: to elaborate ould be most unnecessarily long-winded. I have no time for windy weather.




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