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July 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Feldberg – Dreamin’

This is my song of the year, undeniable beauty. Utterly perfect male-female dynamic, with lyrics that are heartfelt but still intricate with none of the moronic Kimya Dawson bluntness (sorry). Featured on mixtapes by Kitsuné, Made In Iceland and Flavorpill,  I would love to see these guys leap up and stay up. One very noticeable aspect of “blogcore” music is that everyone is leaping about, literally everyone. But very few people hang and get to enjoy the view, Sleigh Bells might well do it and there are loads of bands who were already bending strong legs in preparation for a leap before blogs came along and made a fuss of them (M.I.A, The National, LCD Soundsystem etc.). I’m rooting for these guys so much, after listening to Dreamin’ I don’t really want to listen to another band ever again.

extraordinary myspace

Jay-Z vs The VerveBittersweet Symphony/Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Mash Ups are ridiculous, sometimes too ridiculous to sit through without laughing (Led Snoopelin), many are pretty extraordinary and carry some artistic weight. But that’s a whole separate point. They are ridiculous. And so is the Summer really, no one does any work, people pass out on grassy lawns completely doped out on sunlight, couples go into overdrive, terrible games like rounders and croquet become common(-ish) practise. Instead of having to wait till the wintery day is over before excessing and transgressing we can spend the entire time between dawns beyond the boundaries of sensible existence.

This song is beyond sensible existence, now get out there and go big.

[ton of absurd mash ups]

So that’s all my iTunes library has to say on the subject of Summer. George should bring the preview sampling mularky to a close soon then we are going to offer both mixes as complete downloads straight after which is very wonderful. Thanks for reading this stuff.

marcus x

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