Summer Seeds – Nine Allein

July 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve found the place I want to be and I want to stay there. I’m going to sit here looking at the thoughtful sea with a really pretty girl who only days ago, I had to leave. Summer can sometimes just get too hot and sticky and slightly unbearable – I’m not going to stand here and pretend otherwise. There are going to be moments where I find it so hard to look directly back into the sun that I just wait until it sets so that I can throw stones into the orange reflecting sea pretending I’m with all the things that made me so happy before. Listen to the song: I’m going back to the sunset in peace and returning contently to my sorry sorry dreams.

Slow Club – I was Unconscious, It was a Dream

But hey there friend, give me a bike. I want to go biking in the sun. This whole year has worn me out, my lungs are dry and raw and my heart has taken more knocks than it deserves. But I still want to go biking in the sun. All the golden fields pass me by in a fizz and my head is trying its hardest to stay higher than my constant thoughts. Pedal pedal pedal, I’m thankful that my purpose is back on its feet. Summer is not about lamenting a lack of purpose in the laziest days, it’s about realising your laziest purpose and savouring it. I miss so many people and my mental state is on the empty side – but that doesn’t stop Ivy & Gold by Bombay Bicycle Club from making me a very cheerful person.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy & Gold


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