Summer 10sation

July 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gold Panda‘s ‘You’ is your favourite song, you just don’t know it yet. I say this with my toungue  sticking out of the side of my mouth (they should make an emoticon for that). But seriously, that opening statement was probably inappropiate because a) you have already heard this amazing track and b) very few people have a ‘favourite song’.  The swirling bouncing synth penguins in this song are with no doubt existent. They’re jumping around enjoying all the new melted ice. Jumping on top of some serious well dropped drums amongst some other intriguing sounds and scapes. I fucking love global warming – the English winter was like something poetically drawn out of North Russia, whilst this new summer has already bizarrely made unspeakably new highs – the other day, I felt like Rudyard’s rhino who dried his skin (not that that story ended particularly well). I always loved that image of a rhino taking off his skin. The song plays directly with the 2nd person singular. Not many people do that, despite such a subject being regularly used in practically all story-like songs. It’s kind of fun, this song is very attractive, I reckon it could bring people together into little penguin huddles with its all together very well made-up harmony. Now that I’ve mentioned penguins, you’ll never look at this song in the same way again. I love it.

Gold Panda – You

But oh how emotional, we’ve come to the end of our summer seeds escapades. My mixtape, just like Marcus’, will be available on Mediafire. Summer is really not to be taken so seriously, it’s like, it’s like a season. I, personally, don’t have any more special feelings for summer than I do for Spring or Winter. But what sticks out for me about it… what sticks out is the bizarre relaxation that takes over my little world whenever I feel the sun on my face. When I see a sunset, I immediately become extremely emotional, whether it be happy or even sad. I know the undoing about most things in my world is the act of taking things way too seriously, the act of thinking more than is necessary. There’s some music which has the ability to shut the inappropiate side of my brain into temporary inability, and only leaving the golden caveman happiness that all of us can feel.

For me, Tokyo Police Club is a great example of such music. The lyrics are adorably meaningless… or at least I don’t understand the metaphors, but I don’t think they’re supposed to be.

Tokyo Police Club – Gone


George (right)

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