Express Delivery

July 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

So would ya look at that,

We were just getting into the swing of things with the summer feature thing but then i left to go to Ireland for a week (oxegen festival oh my gosh) and George went completely haywire in Germany, but fear not.

I dont know if you got involved in any of the stuff we have been posting over the last few weeks but basically it was a load of full on excellent songs and now we are giving the whole sampler away here and now. except i’m just posting my half of the songs because i need to put george’s together and host it.

click                                    click


click                                    click

I thought I would post here a few songs that didn’t make the list but are still entirely excellent and which might persuade you to download if you are cautious and timid.

Oberhofer – o0Oo0Oo

Eliza Doolittle – Police Car


1. Melodica, Melody and Me – Ode To A Mountain

2. La Mariposa – The Powder kegs

3. Sleeping States – The Sleeping States, or Who Has Been Rocking My DreamBoat

4. Feldberg – Dreamin’

5. Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo

6. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

7. Delorean – Stay Close

8. Jay z and The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony vs Dirt off Your Shoulder

9. Breaks Co-op – Such the Spot

10. Dominant Legs – Young At Love And Life

right so i am beyond dead and im going to sleep. Please enjoy the music and find a new band that you will follow to the end of the earth because that makes a lot of people happy

thankyou thankyou



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