Object from affection

July 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Port O’ Brien – Calm Me Down


Lose a few BPM, choose your chords wisely the song will come later. Warm up the vocals, let the melodies find each other, make this one count. I’m all for ramshackle, lo-fi shambolics, really I am, but it still has to sound good. If you can lose the madness and everything that comes along with the noise and still create quality then I really want to hear from you.

“Calm Me Down” is a fascinating lyric, awareness that fingertips are slipping away from the wall. The feeling that you have taken in enough of the same stuff for one day, that you can’t spend another day holed up in a booth consuming and dazing, there is more to life than this. Or at least that there is only one way to know whether there is more to life than this, and this is not it.

Take stock, poise yourself, strike another day and strike harder. This time be memorable.

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