Latitude 2010// Part Two: Catching Up with a Cad.

July 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Cads performed on the Lake Stage at Latitude Festival 2010. Within one year, they’ve been splashing about purposefully in the local music scene, punching out to wider things and ever more achievements. Apart from starring in one of England’s greatest festivals, they’ve also been featured by Huw Stephens on Radio 1 having released their ‘This Place is Havoc’ onto Itunes and Amazon. What’s next for The Cads? Luckily enough, a friend and I managed to bump into the drummer (James Brown) outside my tent.
James Brown, the drummer, featuring on the band’s official video for ‘Lanterns’.
APFOS – How was it today, playing Latitude? it’s probably a big step up for the band, how was it playing here?

James Brown – Can I swear?

APFOS – Er yes.

James Brown – It was fucking amazing, seriously… To come from Ipswich, and the Ipswich music scene is a bit like… I’m not gonna say it.

APFOS – Go on…

James Brown – It’s pretty poor at the moment… And to come from Ipswich and just play something lke this is pretty fucking amazing.

APFOS – How do you think it went with all the crowd, how do you think the set went?

James Brown – Yeah, apparently the sound guy said we had the biggest crowd of the Lake Stage

APFOS – Yeah I can believe that…

James Brown – Yeah it was pretty amazing, seriously.

APFOS – If you were in my position, what music would you blog about?

James Brown – Erm, Two Door Cinema Club, Foals.

APFOS – Any tracks in particular?

James Brown – Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Undercover Martyn’… what’s that other song…? Oh yeah, ‘You’re Not Stubborn’ Yeah Bombay Bicycle Club too.

APFOS – Who are you most excited about seeing at Lattitude?

James Brown – Erm, I’ve gotta say, either Vampire Weekend or Temper Trap… Mumford And Sons are tommorow aswell aren’t they.. so yeah Mumford And Sons.

APFOS – You’ve played a gig here at Lattitude… What’s coming up for The Cads?

James Brown – Erm, we’ve just recorded another single last Friday.

APFOS – Skin?!

James Brown – Yeah Skin. Yeah, we’ve just recorded that and we’re not gonna release it until we’ve finished here obviously, erm, we’re gonna go back and send it to Radio 1 – hopefully they like it… Huw Stephens put us on today so hopefully he likes it.

APFOS – Thanks James.

This interview eved the day in which I had seen The Cads perform. The band had seriously good spirit when they were showing it. At times, in a perfect world without nerves, I wish the band had been a bit less aware of the fact this gig was big, because sometimes the awareness almost came through and dampened the spark. But the spark was really fucking good. James the drummer was seriously tight, creating the most distinguished backdrop on which the other four could jump about upon. What kept on exciting me was the persistent display of dangerous promise this band posess.

Here’s James Brown’s choice of music as a preference and audibly as an influence, with it bringing Two Door Cinema Club’s first appearance on Seeds. Personally, this milestone doesn’t horrify me.

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

The Cads – Crayola


captured at Latitude

Keep an eye on The Cads,


credit to James Godfrey for the transcript and recording


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