Dam Nations

July 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

‘Rebong’ is such a suitable name for this track. It’s by Dam Mantle [Tom Marshallsay], who’s glaswegian and relatively unknown. I say ‘unknown’, Dam Mantle is playing a load of festivals this summer and he’s going all over the shop (even Poland).

Dam Mantle – Rebong

Bong twice? Yeah. Jerkin’ up and down and moving mechanically, Tom Marshallsay’s percussion makes perfect patterns behind glitching harp arpeggios and a spritely feeling bass. Spritely like me when I hear this track. I like it because it has chemistry. Electronica music sounds bullshit when it’s put together in “that sounds good” parts; Rebong feels natural and at ease with everything… Then there’s the number called ‘Grey’. Despite the name, this track is pretty intense. Half the song lays great importance on the beat and the beat is fairly dangerous-sounding. You comfortably confront ASBO synths, they mush together into structure, before unleashing into craziness and far from crude situations. People hear Gameboy noises and think ‘taccy immature shit’, you don’t think that here, instead you prepare great journeys onto the floor of dance and you jump about, revelling in the lunging lurching rhythm. Don’t trip over your feet though.

Dam Mantle – Grey


This live performance looks delightful – head myspace for the Upcoming Shows


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