That One Who Disappeared

July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Desaparecidos are playing their first show in 8 years tonight.

Let’s not get carried away by the gigantic head that lead sings this band to utter effectiveness, but it’s hard to deny that Conor Oberst doesn’t give this 8-year-extinct-indie-emo-alternative-punk-pop group everything he’s got inside. His vocals punches out the band’s personality and passion, he catches all dynamics correctly, opening up his insides through each breath of air he exhales. Ok, I could say the sound isn’t to my taste, but I could never criticise the evident belief and soul Conor ties on to each song he helps create. He’s a legend as is widely accepted, if you disagree, I would cynically presume it’s just for the sake of it. Cynicism ruins everything…

I could seriously  lose my head in the emotive nature Desaparecidos project it all. The sound is blissfully effective through all punches, drops, breaks and manic screams. It wildly sprints around but still manages to hold spherically together; utterly chaotic motives, but beautifully organised.

As for this show tonight, it’s a political affair.  ‘Concert for Equality’  is featuring amongst others Bright Eyes and Lullaby for the Working Class in order to express distaste towards someone’s contorversial idea of a law.

Desaparecidos – Greater Omaha

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